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  • 2019/04/24 09:22:22
    2019/04/24 09:22:22
    Huawei plans to operate a 5G Open Lab in Seoul next month. The company, having purchased about USD 10 bln of equipment from Korean companies last year, is seeking the opportunity to cooperate with telecommunication service providers SK telecom and KT.
    2019/04/24 09:21:59
    Chinese ride-sharing company Didi starts to provide taxi-hailing service in Tokyo and Kyoto. Didi’s app supports real-time Japanese-Chinese translation, and is available for Alipay and WeChat payments.
    2019/04/24 07:25:49
    Chinese telecommunication equipment company ZTE and high-tech company Insigma Group will jointly develop 5G technology in the fields of rail transit and medical treatment.
    2019/04/24 07:24:03
    Chinese emerging smartphone manufacturer Realme announces the plan to enter domestic market. Established in 2018, the brand has well performed in overseas markets including India, Singapore, and Egypt.
    2019/04/24 07:18:06
    Britain’s National Security Council allows Huawei to help build 5G network such as antennas and other “non-core” infrastructure.
    2019/04/24 07:17:44
    Tencent takes a stake in Argentina’s mobile payment app Uala, following Goldman Sachs and two billionaires George Soros and Steve Cohen.
    2019/04/24 07:16:23
    ByteDance suffers losses up to USD 500,000 per day as a result of India's ban on Tik Tok.
    2019/04/24 07:14:22
    According to Chinese company information provider Qichacha, Huawei has established a wholly-owned subsidiary Habo Tech & Investment with registered capital of RMB 700 mln.
    2019/04/24 07:09:43
    Lenovo launches their latest Z6 Pro Phone with a starting price of RMB 2,899. Packing with the vlog editor VUE, the new phone is to deliver customized features to consumers.
    2019/04/24 07:01:36
    Nasdaq-listed New Oriental Education & Technology Group announces their Q3 results for fiscal year 2019, during which the company’s net revenue was USD 796.7 mln, up 28.9% YoY, higher than the market forecast.
    2019/04/24 06:58:10
    According to QuestMobile, as of March, Chinese mobile phone users spent nearly 6 hours a day on the mobile Internet, and short videos hit the most views, taking up 36.6% of the total Internet viewing time.
    2019/04/24 06:56:25
    Xiaomi launches their new Mi TV priced from RMB 1,099 to RMB 3,999 with 4 versions. The full-screen TV is equipped with Xiaomi’s own PatchWall AI system and powered by the quad-core 64-bit processor.
    2019/04/24 06:56:09
    French fashion group SMCP partners with, aiming to expand their online business in Chinese market. SMCP’s brands Sandro and Maje have already operated online flagship stores via JD’s platform.
    2019/04/24 06:55:26
    China Unicom announces to form the 5G International Cooperation Alliance with 8 international telecommunications companies including British Telecom, Spain's Telefonica, and Japan’s NTT.
    2019/04/24 06:38:34
    China Unicom announces to form the 5G International Cooperation Alliance with 8 international telecommunications companies such as British Telecom, Spain's Telefonica, and Japan’s NTT.
    2019/04/24 06:36:26
    Alibaba officially launches the program of copyright protection for videos, making the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie as their first protected target. Relying on the digital governance system, this program will crack down on pirated videos with the help of film distributors.
    2019/04/23 05:45:56
    2019/04/23 05:45:56
    ByteDance-backed online education platform Gogokid is undergoing massive layoffs. Another ByteDance’s tutoring product aiKID has stopped operating for 4 months.
    2019/04/23 05:44:22
    Tencent-backed live-streaming platform Douyu has applied to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DOYU” to raise up to USD 500 mln. In 2018, the company achieved revenue of RMB 3.65 bln, up 93.8%, and the gross profit was RMB 151mln.
    2019/04/23 05:42:41
    Chinese TV producer Beijing Enlight Media releases their annual report. In 2018, the company generated revenue of RMB 1.49 bln, down 19.09% YoY. The net profit was RMB 1.37 bln, up 68.47% YoY.
    2019/04/22 09:34:23
    2019/04/22 09:34:23
    Huawei reports 39% total revenue growth for Q1 2019
    2019/04/19 08:12:10
    2019/04/19 08:12:10
    China’s voice recognition technology firm iFlytek generated RMB 8.067 bln in revenue in 2018, up 48.16% YoY. CICC raises iFlytek’s target price by 16% to RMB 36 due to its good performance in Q1.
    2019/04/19 08:07:00
    Baidu and China Telecom establish a comprehensive strategic partnership on Thursday. They will jointly develop the fields of smart homes, intelligent clouding services, and intelligent driving by using technologies of 5G and IoT.
    2019/04/18 03:51:14
    2019/04/18 03:51:14
    China Mobile and Huawei signed the strategic framework agreement to jointly develop the technology of 5G vehicle networking. The two sides will produce end-to-end product solutions based on 5G C-V2X, boosting the development of automatic driving industry.
    2019/04/17 09:16:27
    2019/04/17 09:16:27
    China’s autonomous driving technology start-up HoloMatic presents HoloPilot, an autonomous driving solution on freeway, and HoloParking, a smart valet parking solution at Auto Shanghai 2019. HoloMatic’s founder says the company will conduct large scale testing for HoloPilot so as to get prepared for mass production.
    2019/04/17 09:16:16, a Chinese developer of AI-based robot designed for autonomous driving, is developing L4 autonomous vehicles and the driverless truck which has completed its test run on some major urban roads and in industrial parks.
    2019/04/17 09:16:02
    Alipay releases their facial scanning payment product Dragonfly 2.0 at the price of RMB 1,999, nearly 30% cheaper than the previous version.
    2019/04/17 09:13:43
    Huawei delays the launch of smart TV, which was supposed to be released this month. An insider from the supply chain of Huawei TV revealed that the hardware is ready for release while the software is not ready.
    2019/04/17 09:10:29
    Huawei’s Rotating CEO Xu Zhijun announces that the company will not become an automaker, but they will support vehicle companies to produce better cars with their ICT technology.
    2019/04/17 09:09:01
    Deppon Express and China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Tuesday. By making full use of China Unicom's technologies of cloud-network integration, big data, IoT, and 5G communications, the two companies will set up a joint laboratory developing 5G applications in express delivery service.
    2019/04/17 09:04:54's O2O grocery platform JD Daojia announces that the gross merchandise volume of their 4th anniversary on 15 April reached 2.5 times that of last anniversary.
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