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  • 2019/08/21 09:22:17
    2019/08/21 09:22:17
    According to Strategy Analytics, global sales of 5G smartphones are expected to reach 160 million by 2020.
    2019/08/21 09:21:25
    Luxshare Precision’s net profit in the first half of 2019 reached RMB 1.501 bln, up 81.82% YoY.
    2019/08/21 09:20:44
    Xiaomi’s revenues from Internet service in the second quarter was RMB 4.6 bln, up 15.7% YoY.
    2019/08/21 09:20:32
    Kingsoft’s Q2 revenue totaled RMB 1.87 bln, a YoY increase of 39%.
    2019/08/21 09:20:19
    Cheetah Mobile’s Q2 revenue reached RMB 970 mln.
    2019/08/16 10:33:33
    2019/08/16 10:33:33
    Ningbo Donly’s net profit booked RMB 70.08 mln in the first half of the year, reversing a loss of RMB 3.147 bln in the same period last year.
    2019/08/16 10:32:24
    Shanghai Lansheng Corporation disclosed its semi-annual report, which showes the company’s net profit reached RMB 165 mln in the first half this year, up by 998.42% YoY.
    2019/08/16 10:31:44
    5G phones are on sale in Hainan province, with nearly 200 5G base stations covering the whole province.
    2019/08/15 08:30:00
    2019/08/15 08:30:00
    The world’s largest computer maker Lenovo Group reported a net profit of USD 162 mln, up by 111%, but the company’s share price plunged to a two-month low today.
    2019/08/15 08:29:41
    China’s National Coal Mine Safety Administration announced yesterday make coal-mining robots as a way to improve the safety of mining.
    2019/08/15 08:29:20
    Real estate company China Overseas and Huawei entered strategic cooperation on fields including internet of things (IoT) and Huawei’s HiLink smart home.
    2019/08/15 08:28:52
    Chinese electronic company Xiaomi has received licenses from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to sell the firm’s second 5G smartphone.
    2019/08/15 08:28:30
    According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Chinese Internet industry increased by 17.9% YoY.
    2019/08/15 08:28:04
    China Unicom reported a net profit of USD 967.2 mln in H1 2019, up by 16.3% YoY.
    2019/08/13 09:28:25
    2019/08/13 09:28:25
    Huawei smart TV will be the first device to be powered by the company’s self-developed Harmony OS.
    2019/08/12 08:16:55
    2019/08/12 08:16:55
    Huawei reportedly to launch mid- and low-end smartphones powered by Harmony OS at the end of the year.
    2019/08/12 08:15:56
    Didi plans to cooperate with Ping An in Car rental, auto insurance and other services.
    2019/08/12 08:15:36
    Shenzhen ChipScreen Bioscience priced the firm’s IPO at RMB 20.43 per share and planned to raise RMB 1.02 billion.
    2019/08/09 06:56:34
    2019/08/09 06:56:34
    Baidu has invested USD 30 mln in e-commerce service provider China Youzan.
    2019/08/07 11:24:53
    2019/08/07 11:24:53
    China’s smartphone shipments totaled RMB 97.9 mln units, down by 6.1% YoY.
    2019/08/06 08:58:07
    2019/08/06 08:58:07
    Xiaomi’s 5G mobile phone which supports 45W quick charging has passed China CCC Certification.
    2019/08/06 08:56:06
    Baidu has cooperated with FAW to mass produce the first batch of L4-class self-driving taxi in China.
    2019/08/06 08:54:47
    Uxin announced to expand the company’s used vehicle business to Europe.
    2019/08/05 09:15:00
    2019/08/05 09:15:00
    Foshan Electrical and Lighting and Alibaba Cloud Computing has struck a strategic partnership on internet of things (IoT).
    2019/08/05 09:13:50
    CAICT cooperates with Tencent to set up an industrial Internet security laboratory.
    2019/08/05 09:13:14
    AI Startup Unisound has filed an inquiry letter for STAR Market IPO.
    2019/08/02 10:07:15
    2019/08/02 10:07:15
    China’s homegrown jetliner, C919 104 has completed new test flight.
    2019/08/02 10:02:02
    Alibaba and were Asia-Pacific’s top retailers by sales last year, with combined revenues totaled USD 444.5 bln.
    2019/08/01 08:18:43
    2019/08/01 08:18:43
    85 Shanghai video gamers are now licensed as official athletes.
    2019/08/01 08:17:35
    Huawei offered USD 73 vouchers to about 5000 people in Singapore after its discounted Y6 Pro smartphone sold out in hours.
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