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  • 2018/12/11 02:32:42
    2018/12/11 02:32:42
    Online transportation booking and housing reservation platform Tongcheng-Elong Holdings and Tencent Cloud have jointly establish a project team for risk management to discuss intelligent risk management solutions to OTA industry within WeChat ecosystem
    2018/12/11 01:59:55
    Audi’s senior executive has claimed that it is not easy for IT enterprises to hit auto industry and it is willing to cooperate with Alibaba on R&D of technology to reduce costs
    2018/12/11 01:42:31
    Guosen Securities has claimed that the number of 5G base stations may reach one and a half times or twice the size of that of 4G
    2018/12/10 03:01:25
    2018/12/10 03:01:25
    Airbus Aeronautics company and China Telecom will cooperate in providing ground-to-air communications in China
    2018/12/10 02:15:49
    Xiaomi Fans Club has entered Mexico, over 2,000 customers queued up during its opening day
    2018/12/06 04:37:06
    2018/12/06 04:37:06
    WuXi AppTec Pharmaceutical company's IPO offering guidance price is HKD 70, and the offer range is set at HKD 64.1 to HKD 71.5.
    2018/12/06 03:19:38
    Vivo smartphone has realized 5G HD live video streaming for the first time
    2018/12/06 02:52:24
    China’s social media app Tik Tok will add a new add-on ‘scanning the code to shoot a video for coupon’ on the detailed page of e-commerce stores, which will be online on December 30
    2018/12/06 02:31:05
    Alipay has announced that it will launch brand new face-scanning product on December 13
    2018/12/06 02:23:19
    Chengdu has established China’s largest 5G demonstration network, with full coverage of the second ring road
    2018/12/06 02:12:03
    Momo Inc., a leading mobile social networking platform in China, has announced today, that its Q3 net revenue stands at USD 536 mln, up 50.4% YoY; its net profit remains USD 8,520,000, up 22% YoY
    2018/12/05 04:19:31
    2018/12/05 04:19:31
    According to the UK Financial Times: BT, the UK's largest telecommunications service operator, will remove Huawei's equipment from its core 4G network
    2018/12/05 04:19:07
    China' s Electric services company SDIC Power considers issuing GDR in London in 2019.
    2018/12/05 03:37:48
    Volkswagen CEO has said at the White House, yesterday, that his company will form an alliance with Ford and may use its factory to produce cars
    2018/12/05 03:37:23
    Huawei 5G LampSite has become first of its kind to finish the SA test in China's Third Phase 5G Technology R&D Test
    2018/12/05 02:40:55
    Huawei will launch a 3D camera phone supported by Sony sensors
    2018/12/05 02:40:12
    Xiaomi and OPPO have been included in Qualcomm’s list of partners to launch 5G smartphones
    2018/12/05 02:39:11
    Baidu has issued USD 250 mln of bonds today, a renewal of bonds with an interest rate of 4.375% is due in 2024
    2018/12/04 09:03:53
    2018/12/04 09:03:53
    The Zhongguancun Science Park has submitted a list of nearly 30 science and technology innovation board companies to Shanghai Stock Exchange with the keyword “Black Technology+Unicorn”
    2018/12/04 09:03:11
    Audi issued a press release stating that between 2019 and 2023 it will invest about 14 bln Euros in electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology and digitization
    2018/12/04 09:02:24
    SINOIOV has obtained RMB 700 mln from Ant Financial and Beijing Internet of Vehicles Industrial Development Fund in its A round of financing, in an effort to apply data in logistics finance
    2018/12/03 07:47:47
    2018/12/03 07:47:47
    On December 2, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly establish a precision medical instrument laboratory. The new lab will provide a platform for commercialization of research & development, promotion of creative thinking and transformation of Hong Kong's innovation and technology development
    2018/12/03 07:04:53
    In an attempt to further standardize its smart small program Baidu, through a notice, has announced new registration rules. Henceforth, the smart small programs that are not adjusted as required will be offline and forced to change their names
    2018/12/03 06:02:13
    An insider from Patently Apple’s supply chain has revealed that apple is considering to relaunch improved version of its fingerprint reader. The new design uses off-screen fingerprint recognition technology. Patently Apple pointed out that Apple is currently evaluating biometric sensor suppliers O-film, General Interface Solution and TPK Holding. It is said that this feature will be embedded into the new iPad, which will be released next year, before being used in the new iPhone.
    2018/12/03 03:50:37
    Beijing Shunyi will establish a test field for unmanned vehicles, which is expected to be put into operation by 2020
    2018/12/03 03:20:04
    The well-known market research firm TrendForce released the global smartphone production and market share forecast for the Q4 of 2018. According to the report, due to sluggish market demand, global smartphones in Q4 and the Q3 have roughly the same total output, reaching about 380 mln units. But Apple is expected to lower its old iPhone price to stimulate sales, so it is expected that the iPhone production will reach 76 mln in the Q4, surpassing Huawei and taking place of Samsung for the first time with the largest output.
    2018/11/30 06:42:41
    2018/11/30 06:42:41
    Leading global self-driving company PlusAI has obtained China’s first road test licenses for autonomous trucks
    2018/11/29 06:02:39
    2018/11/29 06:02:39
    Volkswagen China, JAC and Spanish Seat have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop an e-vehicle platform
    2018/11/29 06:02:17
    Tencent will set up its intellectual industry’s headquarter in Changsha, to develop localized intelligent applications and solutions as well as providing strategic support and solutions for the city’s Super Brain project via Tencent’s technological advantages such as AI, big data, cloud computing and resource advantages
    2018/11/29 02:46:41
    Leading artificial intelligence research and innovation company, YITU Technology has launched world’s first AI-based intelligent diagnosis and treatment platform for cancer screening
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