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  • 2019/08/19 08:35:33
    2019/08/19 08:35:33
    Bytedance has become the largest shareholder of, with 22.22% holdings in the latter.
    2019/08/19 08:34:37
    E-commerce platform Wanwu Xinxuan raised USD 20 mln in series B round.
    2019/08/13 09:27:46
    2019/08/13 09:27:46
    Mainland China markets dipped on Tuesday due to Chinese banks extended fewer loans last month.
    2019/08/13 09:27:07
    The Hang Seng Index closed down by 2.07% at 25,291.28, the lowest level since January 3.
    2019/08/12 08:17:16
    2019/08/12 08:17:16
    The net capital inflow of A-share ETFs was about RMB 1.2 bln in the recent week.
    2019/08/12 08:15:36
    Shenzhen ChipScreen Bioscience priced the firm’s IPO at RMB 20.43 per share and planned to raise RMB 1.02 billion.
    2019/08/12 08:13:56
    Private equity company KKR&Co announced to pay NVC Lighting Holding Ltd USD 794 mln for a majority stake in the latter’s China lighting business.
    2019/08/09 07:12:40
    2019/08/09 07:12:40
    China’s 5G related stocks declined as the U.S has delayed to allowing American companies to restart business with Huawei Technologies.
    2019/08/09 07:08:26
    China’s central bank is to conduct the third round of bank bill swap, with the worth of RMB 5 bln and duration of 3 months.
    2019/08/09 07:08:00
    People’s Bank of China set the fixing rate of renminbi to US dollar at 7.0136 today, weaker than 7.0039 a day earlier.
    2019/08/09 07:06:10
    Shanghai Stock Exchange asked holders of Hawtai Motor Group’s USD 284 mln puttable bond to put deadline to after China’s National Day for ensuring financial stability.
    2019/08/08 08:07:27
    2019/08/08 08:07:27
    On Thursday, People’s Bank of China set the renminbi fixing rate weaker than 7 to American dollar for the first time since 2008.
    2019/08/08 08:06:33
    The IPO shares of Amlogic (688099) and Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology (688188) have JUMPED almost fourfold on their first day of trading.
    2019/08/08 08:05:43
    The share price of China Mobile dropped 0.6% to HKD 62.8 after the company reported its H1 2019 profit declined 15% from a year ago to USD 7.96 bln.
    2019/08/07 11:36:30
    2019/08/07 11:36:30
    Stocks linked to Shanghai Free Trade Zone including Shanghai Lingang Holdings (600848), Shanghai International Port (600018) slumped.
    2019/08/07 11:36:13
    Global indices compiler MSCI is due to announce tomorrow that the inclusion of Chinese stocks will be raised to from 10% to 15%.
    2019/08/07 11:35:50
    Semiconductor maker Amlogic and laser motion control systems producer Semiconductor maker Amlogic will start trading on China’s Nasdaq-like board STAR market tomorrow.
    2019/08/07 11:35:15
    Combined profits at the 31 publicly traded Chinese securities firms declined by 8.7% from a month ago to RMB 6.49 bln in July.
    2019/08/07 11:34:56
    The Chinese electric-vehicles manufacturer BYD slid to a one-year low in Hong Kong Stock Exchange after the firm’s auto sales had decreased in July.
    2019/08/07 11:32:21
    The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 0.3 per cent to 2,768.68.
    2019/08/06 08:58:27
    2019/08/06 08:58:27
    Hong Kong dollar to American dollar has appreciated most since the second half of June.
    2019/08/06 08:57:51
    HSBC Holdings plans to repurchase London-listed stocks.
    2019/08/06 08:55:37
    Beijing Galaxy-CAS Technology raised tens of millions yuan in Pre-A round financing.
    2019/08/06 08:55:16
    ChinaCache is likely to delist from Nasdaq.
    2019/08/05 09:15:32
    2019/08/05 09:15:32
    The scale of new real estate trust shrank sharply in July.
    2019/07/31 09:13:52
    2019/07/31 09:13:52
    China’s Beijing Kunlun Tech plans to list gay dating app on a foreign stock exchange.
    2019/07/30 09:32:28
    2019/07/30 09:32:28
    The net northbound inflow into China’s A-share market was RMB 589.74 mln today.
    2019/07/24 09:24:54
    2019/07/24 09:24:54
    The net northbound inflow into China’s A-share market was RMB 2.05 bln today, the highest record since July 19.
    2019/07/24 09:15:12
    Trading in Fujian Forecam Optics on the STAR market has been suspended for 10 minutes for 3 consecutive days due to over 30% increment price cap. The company’s shares closed up by 38%.
    2019/07/24 09:13:31
    Hang Seng Index closed at 28524.04 on July 24, up by 57.56 points.
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