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  • 2019/08/20 07:50:03
    2019/08/20 07:50:03
    SF Holding announced its Express Logistics Business reached a revenue of RMB 8.343 bln, an increase of 19% from the same period last year.
    2019/08/19 08:40:58
    2019/08/19 08:40:58 reported that the average salaries paid by logistics enterprises have increased by 6.6% YoY in 1H 2019.
    2019/08/19 08:33:32
    In July, Shanghai’s foreign trade increased 4.3% YoY to RMB 294.77 bln.
    2019/08/16 10:34:57
    2019/08/16 10:34:57
    The GDP growth rate in Yangtze River Delta is higher than the average and the rental housing demand in this region increased 41.9% YoY.
    2019/08/16 10:34:48
    National Development and Reform Commission announced that the consumer price index rose 2.3% on average from January to July.
    2019/08/16 10:32:24
    Shanghai Lansheng Corporation disclosed its semi-annual report, which showes the company’s net profit reached RMB 165 mln in the first half this year, up by 998.42% YoY.
    2019/08/16 10:31:59
    The container throughput at Chengdu International Railway Port increased by 12.86% from January to July.
    2019/08/15 08:26:46
    2019/08/15 08:26:46
    Standard Chartered has lowered its forecast for China’s GDP growth for 2019 and 2020 to 6.2.
    2019/08/14 08:06:03
    2019/08/14 08:06:03
    China’s industrial production rose by 4.8% YoY this month, down from 6.3% last month.
    2019/08/14 08:03:09
    Foreign direct investment (FDI) into China increase by 4.1% YoY to USD 8.07 bln.
    2019/08/14 08:02:53
    The revenue of China’s livestreaming company Douyu soared to USD 272.8 mln in the quarter.
    2019/08/14 08:02:39
    The price of solar power has become lower than grid-supplied electricity in hundreds of Chinese cities, according to a new study conducted by researchers from China and Sweden.
    2019/08/14 08:02:23
    China’s retail sales increased 7.6% YoY in July, the lowest since April.
    2019/08/14 08:02:11
    China’s investment in real estate development grew 10.6% YoY in the first 7 months this year, down from 10.9% growth in the first six months.
    2019/08/14 08:01:46
    The government-driven infrastructure investment in China increased 3.8% YoY in the first 7 months in 2019, down from 4.1% growth in the first six months.
    2019/08/14 08:01:24
    China’s fixed-asset investment rose 5.7% YoY in the first 7 months this year, the lowest growth rate since the first 5 months of 2019.
    2019/08/13 09:27:25
    2019/08/13 09:27:25
    China’s banks extended RMB 1.06 trln in net new yuan loans in July, down over half from June, a biggest YoY decline since 2018.
    2019/08/13 09:26:46
    Provision for loan losses in China rose to RMB 4.26 tln at the end of June, up by 3% from the end of March.
    2019/08/13 09:26:28
    Total non-performing loans in Mainland China’s banking system increased to USD 316.6 bln in 2019 Q2, up by 3.6% YoY.
    2019/08/12 08:14:46
    2019/08/12 08:14:46
    China Association of Automobile Manufactures announced that sales of passenger car sales in July were 1.53 million, down by 3.9% YoY.
    2019/08/12 08:14:26
    China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) reported that domestic smartphone shipments in July was 341.99 million units, down by 7.5% YoY.
    2019/08/09 07:06:57
    2019/08/09 07:06:57
    China’s producer price index (PPI) declined 0.3% YoY in July, the first drop since Aug 2016.
    2019/08/09 07:06:39
    China’s consumer price index (CPI) increased 2.8% YoY in July, up from 2.7% in June.
    2019/08/08 08:08:17
    2019/08/08 08:08:17
    China’s overall trade surplus booked USD 45.1 bln last month, rose significantly from USD 28.1 bln a year ago.
    2019/08/08 08:08:02
    China’s imports contracted 5.6% YoY in July, beating the Bloomberg forecast of a 9% decrease.
    2019/08/08 08:07:48
    China’s goods exports increased by 3.3% YoY in dollar terms last month, the strongest growth since March.
    2019/08/08 08:06:08
    China’s overseas shipments rose 3.3% YoY in US dollar terms in July.
    2019/08/06 08:57:32
    2019/08/06 08:57:32
    China has issued an overall plan for the new Lingang area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.
    2019/08/06 08:57:15
    PBOC states that China is not currency manipulator.
    2019/08/05 09:17:25
    2019/08/05 09:17:25
    The Hang Seng Index closed with a decline of 2.85%.
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