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  • 2018/12/12 02:26:58
    2018/12/12 02:26:58
    Financial Times: Mobike is preparing to spin off its European branch valued at USD 100 mln
    2018/12/12 01:50:31
    Google CEO: Google currently has no plans to launch a search engine in China
    2018/12/12 01:49:42
    China is close to completing the merger of Chemchina and Sinochem, and major issues concerning the merger have been basically resolved. Trading preparations could be announced in next few weeks
    2018/12/11 07:54:55
    2018/12/11 07:54:55
    China's online education platform 51talk has announced that it will provide employment opportunities for 10,000 foreign teachers from the Philippines in the next 5 years
    2018/12/11 07:22:47
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,594.09, up 0.37%, with turnover of RMB 85.4 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 7,685.40, up 0.79%, with turnover of RMB 133 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,338.08, up 0.85%, with turnover of RMB 41.2 bln
    2018/12/11 06:29:09
    According to KPMG, Hong Kong is expected to attract 200 companies to be listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019
    2018/12/11 06:28:49
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 25,723.04, down 0.11%
    2018/12/11 04:08:04
    Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage Co., ltd. has released its first Q3 report since its listing; it has generated RMB 1.593 bln in Q3, down 11.2%, and its net profit attributable to shareholders has remained RMB 433 mln, down 23.8%
    2018/12/11 03:45:08
    Foxconn Technology Group’s subsidiary has spent RMB 12 mln in purchasing real estate in the U.S. to set up an innovation centre
    2018/12/11 03:40:03
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,591.75, up 0.28%, with turnover of RMB 48.5 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 7,662.96, up 0.50%, with turnover of RMB 76.3 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,333.07, up 0.47%, with turnover of RMB 24 bln
    2018/12/11 03:06:14
    An offline store of NetEase strict selection will open in Hangzhou on December 18
    2018/12/11 03:05:45
    China's O/N Shibor rate up 1.0 bps to 2.4630%, 7D Shibor rate up 0.9 bps to 2.6240%, 3M Shibor rate up 0.3 bps to 3.1450%
    2018/12/11 02:59:18
    Alibaba plans to invest RMB 1.25 bln to Alibaba Pictures, increasing its holding of shares from 49% to 50.92%
    2018/12/11 02:32:42
    Online transportation booking and housing reservation platform Tongcheng-Elong Holdings and Tencent Cloud have jointly establish a project team for risk management to discuss intelligent risk management solutions to OTA industry within WeChat ecosystem
    2018/12/11 01:59:55
    Audi’s senior executive has claimed that it is not easy for IT enterprises to hit auto industry and it is willing to cooperate with Alibaba on R&D of technology to reduce costs
    2018/12/11 01:42:51
    Shanghai Composite Index opens at 2,587.01, up 0.09%. Shenzhen Component Index opens at 7,642.16, up 0.23%. ChiNext Index opens at 1,332.52, up 0.43%
    2018/12/11 01:42:31
    Guosen Securities has claimed that the number of 5G base stations may reach one and a half times or twice the size of that of 4G
    2018/12/11 01:42:09
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index down 0.5% to stand at 25,623.40
    2018/12/11 01:41:24
    SGX FTSE China A50 index futures contract up 0.1%
    2018/12/10 09:32:58
    2018/12/10 09:32:58
    China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Guangzhou Mobile and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., have established a 5G Innovation Center in Shenzhen
    2018/12/10 09:32:43
    Wanda Film: The box office proceeds in Jan-Nov stood at RMB 8.79 bln, up 13.6% YoY
    2018/12/10 08:36:08
    Tencent has cooperated with FCA China to promote the strategy of Intelligent Network Vehicle
    2018/12/10 07:09:33
    Digital content products and services provider Migu Co. Ltd., has established a comprehensive strategic partnership with Oriental Pearl Group Co. Ltd., a company engaged in multi-channel media integration and distribution
    2018/12/10 05:45:48
    Goldman Sachs recently reported that it will adjust USD against the onshore RMB 3 month exchange rate forecast (from the previous 7.00) to 6.95
    2018/12/10 05:32:43
    VAT reduction of Beijing's small and micro enterprises in 2018 was nearly RMB 1 bln
    2018/12/10 03:48:37
    Report from Brand Finance: China's Evergrande has become the world's most valuable real estate brand with its brand value worth USD 16.23 bln
    2018/12/10 03:02:04
    Dong Mingzhu, CEO Gree, has proposed a new sales target of RMB 600 bln, for the company by 2023. To attain this target, Gree must double its in revenue in five years
    2018/12/10 03:01:25
    Airbus Aeronautics company and China Telecom will cooperate in providing ground-to-air communications in China
    2018/12/10 02:16:24
    Alibaba Pictures Group Limited plans to raise HKD 1.25 bln through the issuance of shares
    2018/12/10 02:15:49
    Xiaomi Fans Club has entered Mexico, over 2,000 customers queued up during its opening day
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