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  • 2019/06/14 08:54:32
    2019/06/14 08:54:32
    Tencent’s Wesure launches the outpatient clinic insurance with the maximum damages amounting to RMB 5,000 and can be claimed through Wechat.
    2019/06/14 08:32:30
    Shanghai has built more than 2,000 5G base stations and will deploy 11,000 more by the end of 2019.
    2019/06/14 07:18:07
    Chinese electric car maker NIO’s stock has slumped 16% in June, and more than 70% of its market value was wipe out in three months.
    2019/06/14 06:46:37
    Chinese automaker BYD announces that from Jan. to May, the company’s total power battery shipments have reached 6.9 GWh.
    2019/06/14 06:35:24
    Chinese telecommunications equipment company ZTE partners with mechanical engineering company Wiscom System. Both sides will promote the development of smart grid, smart city, and telecommunication manufacturing.
    2019/06/13 07:40:17
    2019/06/13 07:40:17
    The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announces new partnership with Alipay, offering ticket presales for the upcoming European Championship 2020 via its mini program on Alipay.
    2019/06/13 07:24:07
    Facebook veteran Blake Chandlee is hired by Chinese conglomerate ByteDance as VP of global business solutions. Earlier, ByteDance has hired several executives from YouTube.
    2019/06/13 06:52:36
    Chinese insurtech startup Waterdrop completes an RMB 1 bln C Round Financing led by Boyu Capital and joined by Tencent, CICC Capital, and Gaorong Capital.
    2019/06/13 06:42:14
    Citi assigned Chinese game maker 37 Interactive Entertainment a “Buy” rating with a target price at RMB 16. Citi remarks that shares of small game developers in China’s online game market are declining.
    2019/06/13 02:06:15
    Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi announces that its Mi TV has the highest share in India’s smart TV market for four consecutive quarters.
    2019/06/13 02:05:54
    China Association of Automobile Manufactures: In May, production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 112,000 and 104,000 respectively, up 16.9% YoY and 1.8% YoY.
    2019/06/13 01:53:08
    Shanghai released 20 guiding opinions on promoting the development of e-sports industry, aiming to build itself a global e-sports hub in the following three to five years.
    2019/06/13 01:48:00
    CICC estimates that Media, the largest electrical appliance seller in China, will be the biggest beneficiary from its peers’ dispute. Earlier, Chinese major appliance manufacturer Gree accused its rival Aux of selling substandard air conditioners.
    2019/06/12 09:51:00
    2019/06/12 09:51:00
    China Guizhou Maotai Brewery will supply another 2,000 tons of Maotai liquor into the market this month, and 16,000 tons will be supplied in the second half of the year.
    2019/06/11 09:08:00
    2019/06/11 09:08:00
    Ministry of Commerce: Last week (June 3 to 9), the national market price of edible agricultural products decreased by 0.1% from the previous week, and the market price of production materials decreased by 0.5% from the previous week.
    2019/06/11 09:00:00
    China Mobile launched 5G ultra high definition video mobile ringtone.
    2019/06/11 03:53:08
    HeyTea was hit with food hygenie incidents 4 times in the span of six months, causing public concern about food hygiene.
    2019/06/10 08:48:06
    2019/06/10 08:48:06
    Xiamen's 5G network infrastructure is useful for many real-life applications including smart medical care.
    2019/06/10 07:36:28
    According to several insiders working in Southwest Securities, their investment banking business has recently been reinstated and approved by the regulatory authorities.
    2019/06/10 07:33:36
    Alipay and six European digital wallets are developing a unified payment system.
    2019/06/06 04:14:42
    2019/06/06 04:14:42
    US coworking company WeWork plans to open its first shared workspace in Shanghai next month.
    2019/06/06 02:48:03
    Chinese company Huya’s overseas brands Nimo TV officially enters Brazil. Nimo TV plans to cooperate with local live streamers to develop Brazilian game live streaming market.
    2019/06/06 02:33:33
    Amazon Japan resumes to sell Huawei devices after the sales suspension on 24 May.
    2019/06/06 02:17:02
    China’s National Bureau of Statistics and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs will set up a big data research institute in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
    2019/06/06 02:04:56
    Huawei spent USD 50 mln to buy a Russian facial recognition company, Vokord, whose IP rights were Huawei's biggest target for this acquisition.
    2019/06/06 01:53:49
    Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing officially commence business operations in Chile and Colombia, further expanding its markets in Latin America.
    2019/06/06 01:40:38
    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and two Russian companies and MegaFon set up a JV called AliExpress Russia. It will be the largest social e-commerce platform in Russia and CIS.
    2019/06/06 01:29:15
    Chinese online education platform Genshuixue sets its US IPO price at USD 10.5 per share, seeking to raise USD 208 million.
    2019/06/06 01:22:16
    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially grants 5G commercial licenses to China Telcom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Broadcasting Network. An analyst estimated that 5G internet package may be launched in July or August.
    2019/06/04 08:43:38
    2019/06/04 08:43:38
    TRON’s CEO Justin Sun announces that he has won the charity lunch with business magnate Warren Buffett with more than USD 4.56 mln. Sun plans to invite some blockchain industry leaders to share ideas with Buffett, who once said bitcoin was a "delusion".
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