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  • 2019/03/21 07:49:14
    2019/03/21 07:49:14
    Huawei TV set to be released in coming April with dual cameras
    2019/03/21 07:23:12
    China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with CITIC Group and Alibaba Grp/
    2019/03/21 07:21:18
    China Mobile's net profit in 2018 was RMB 117.8 bln, higher than market expectations.
    2019/03/21 07:19:38
    Geely's revenue in 2018 was RMB 106.6 bln, up 15% from the same period last year.
    2019/03/21 07:18:12
    HSBC: Orders from Huawei are strong and sales of upstream semiconductor suppliers are growing
    2019/03/21 07:09:20
    Geely Group: This year will introduce more competitive new energy automotive products
    2019/03/21 07:08:36
    Tencent WeTest releases CMatrix cloud game service platform
    2019/03/21 06:57:53
    Tencent is set to release their earnings report today.
    2019/03/21 06:57:12
    Alibaba Cloud announces increase in R&D investment and sets direction on new retail, new finance and digital government.
    2019/03/21 06:44:22
    Zhang Jianfeng, CTO at Alibaba Grp mentioned that 2 billion IoT chips were sold in 2018, which were developed by Alibaba DAMO Academy.
    2019/03/21 06:43:26
    Zhang Jianfeng, CTO at Alibaba Grp annouces that Alibaba will transfer the company's data to its Aliyun Platform.
    2019/03/21 06:38:12
    Beijing Business Bureau: From January to February this year, there are 227 newly-established foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing. They brought in US 5.66 bln in contractual foreign investment and US 2.31 bln in actual utilization of foreign investment.
    2019/03/21 06:32:34
    China Mutual Fund Association organizes a symposium on mitigating business risks such as high-interest cash loans.
    2019/03/21 06:31:07
    Hanya Financial Group visited China Minsheng Investment Group subsidiary and expressed its support.
    2019/03/21 06:29:05 plans to build urban city management operating system. All data remains with the government, and Liu Qiangdong's hometown begins to pilot.
    2019/03/20 07:28:46
    2019/03/20 07:28:46
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 3090.64, down 0.01%, with turnover of RMB 349.3 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 9800.60, down 0.40%, with turnover of RMB 430.6 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1687.90, down 1.23%, with turnover of RMB 119.7 bln.
    2019/03/20 04:21:17
    President Xi Jinping expresses China's willingness to implement the Belt and Road Initiative with Italy in the fields of port logistics, shipping, energy, telecommunication, and medicine.
    2019/03/20 04:21:09
    Shanghai Clearing House has approved Bank of America's Shanghai branch to carry out RMB interest rate swap business.
    2019/03/20 04:20:51
    Xiaomi-backed Tiger Brokers has priced their IPO at USD 8 per share.
    2019/03/20 04:20:43
    China's leading online video platform iQIYI and China Unicom launch their 8K VR visual experience today.
    2019/03/20 04:20:38
    TCL plans to launch their foldable phones in Q1 of 2020, mainly targeting the overseas market.
    2019/03/20 04:20:32
    Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun promises to produce more than 1 mln units of Mi 9 by the end of March.
    2019/03/20 04:20:24
    Cainiao, a Chinese logistics firm majority-owned by Alibaba, and AliExpress, an online retail service owned by Alibaba, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Correos, the national postal service of Spain on 12th March. The three companies will accelerate the cross-border logistics business between China and Europe to achieve global delivery services within 72 hours.
    2019/03/20 04:20:16
    Citi lowered Xiaomi’s target price to HKD 15 from HKD 16 and maintained its "buy" rating.
    2019/03/20 02:01:17
    The central parity rate today for RMB against the USD down 39 pips from yesterday’s to stand at 6.7101
    2019/03/20 02:00:51
    Shanghai Composite Index opens at 3084.17, down 0.22%. Shenzhen Component Index opens at 9828.07, down 0.12%. ChiNext Index opens at 1701.73, down 0.42%.
    2019/03/19 08:00:07
    2019/03/19 08:00:07
    Huawei starts to build a joint technology innovation center in Yongchuan District, Chongqing, with a planned investment of RMB 1 bln. The center will focus on AI, big data, and cloud computing.
    2019/03/19 07:59:58
    China's leading diary company Yili Group buys New Zealand dairy provider Westland Milk Products reputable for being a high quality milk source and product processing company.
    2019/03/19 07:59:48
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 3090.98, down 0.18%, with turnover of RMB 353.2 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 9839.74, down 0.04%, with turnover of RMB 422.4 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1708.87, up 0.11%, with turnover of RMB 116.8 bln.
    2019/03/19 04:12:01
    Chinese telecom equipment and systems company ZTE has signed a cooperative agreement of 5G application with Institute of Nanjing Public Security Technology. 5G technologies will facilitate police work.
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