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  • 2018/12/18 08:35:44
    2018/12/18 08:35:44
    Huawei expects its 2018 revenue to exceed USD 100 bln, compared with USD 92 bln in 2017
    2018/12/18 07:23:03
    China National Offshore Oil Corp signs strategic cooperation agreements with 9 international oil companies including Chevrolet and ConocoPhillips over Pearl River Mouth Basin
    2018/12/18 07:11:07
    NDRC: China's private investment up 8.7% YoY in Jan-Nov, 3 percentage points higher than in a year earlier
    2018/12/18 07:08:38
    Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,576.65, down 0.82%, turnover of RMB 99.3 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 7,530.32, down 0.82%, turnover of RMB 130.7 bln. The ChiNext Index closed at 1,293.34, down 0.45%, with a turnover of RMB 39.9 bln
    2018/12/18 06:23:00
    China's president Xi Jinping calls for further reforms as china celebrates opening up
    2018/12/18 06:00:30
    Zhejiang Geely Automobile has received approval from NDRC to set up new plant in Wuhan of Hubei Province with total investment of RMB 9.04 bln. After completion in 2021, the plant will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 units
    2018/12/18 05:52:01
    HKEx: Hong Kong is set to top global IPO market in 2018. As the end of Nov, there are 196 IPOs in HKEx with fundraising of HKD 261.5 bln
    2018/12/18 03:53:31
    The foreign trade value of east China's Zhejiang Province up 12.7% YoY to RMB 2.61 trln in Jan-Nov
    2018/12/18 03:49:29
    China's railway freight volume up 8.7% YoY to 3.68 bln tonnes in Jan-Nov
    2018/12/18 03:48:24
    Shanghai Composite Index falls 1.09% to 2,569.65 at 11:30 BJT, with turnover of RMB 56.4 bln. Shenzhen Component Index down 1.30% to 7,493.69, with turnover of RMB 75.3 bln. The ChiNext Index sees a drop of 0.86% to 1,287.95, with turnover of RMB 23.5 bln
    2018/12/18 03:12:17
    China's O/N Shibor rate up 4.4 bps to 2.6690%, 7D Shibor rate down 0.3 bps to 2.6940%, 3M Shibor rate up 1.0 bps to 3.1740%
    2018/12/18 02:37:43
    American financial services giant State Street Corporation set up a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in Shanghai on Dec 06
    2018/12/18 02:22:07
    China's central bank: China's big 4 banks' new RMB loan hit RMB 362.78 bln in Nov. The outstanding RMB loan of these four lenders totaled RMB 47.32 trln
    2018/12/18 02:20:19
    China's central bank: funds outstanding for foreign exchange down RMB 57.13 bln to RMB 21.26 trln in Nov
    2018/12/18 02:17:32
    China cuts its holdings of US Treasuries in Oct for a 5th straight month
    2018/12/18 02:08:33
    China plans to introduce more tax reduction measures including tax exemption measures for SMEs and high-tech enterprises, according to China Daily citing unnamed government officials
    2018/12/18 02:04:04
    Deloitte: it is expected that there will be 110 to 150 IPOs in China's A share market in 2019 with fund raising of RMB 140 bln to RMB 170 bln
    2018/12/18 02:00:46
    French supermarket chain Auchan denies report it could exit China
    2018/12/18 01:47:28
    Onshore RMB against the USD opens at 6.8944 at 9:30 BJT, compared with last closing price of 6.8975
    2018/12/18 01:45:15
    NBS: China's gasoline output up 7.1% YoY to 12.01 mln tonnes, Kerosene output up 7% YoY to 3.84 mln tonnes, diesel oil output down 6.2% YoY to 14.67 mln tonnes, fuel oil output down 13.8% YoY to 1.85 mln tonnes
    2018/12/18 01:39:33
    NBS: China's zinc output down 7% YoY to 0.52 mln tonnes, refined copper output up 7.6% YoY to 768,000 tonnes, lead output up 18.3% YoY to 484,000 tonnes, iron ore output down 1.1% YoY to 68.89 mln tonnes
    2018/12/18 01:33:42
    Shanghai Composite Index opens at 2,583.63, down 0.55%. Shenzhen Component Index opens at 7,540.96, down 0.68%. ChiNext Index opens at 1,293.15, down 0.46%
    2018/12/18 01:25:52
    Outstanding financing facility of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange totaled RMB 467.69 bln as of 17 Dec, up RMB 335 mln from the previous trading day
    2018/12/18 01:24:25
    The central parity rate today for RMB against the USD up 54 pips from yesterday's to stand at 6.8854
    2018/12/18 01:23:55
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index opens at 25,903.98, down 0.70%
    2018/12/18 01:23:18
    China's PBoC will carry out a reverse repo of RMB 140 bln for 7 days and a reverse repo of RMB 40 bln for 14 days today, injects RMB 180 bln liquidity through open market operations. No reverse repo will due today
    2018/12/17 08:45:49
    2018/12/17 08:45:49
    Onshore RMB against the USD closes at 6.9004, down 29 pips
    2018/12/17 08:16:30
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 26,087.98
    2018/12/17 07:40:41
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,597.97, up 0.16%, with turnover of RMB 103.0 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 7,592.65, down 0.48%, with turnover of RMB 135.3 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,299.17, down 0.86%, with turnover of RMB 41.5 bln
    2018/12/17 06:55:40
    The number of tourists to Hong Kong will exceed 60 million annually in the next two years
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