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  • 2018/08/17 03:36:53
    2018/08/17 03:36:53
    JPMorgan Asset Management considers applying for a private fund management license in China, media reported
    2018/08/17 03:32:41
    Shanghai Composite Index falls 0.39% to 2,694.52 at 11:30 BJT, with turnover of RMB 60.3 bln. Shenzhen Component Index down 0.85% to 8,428.39, with turnover of RMB 81.9 bln. The ChiNext Index sees a drop of 1.37% to 1,443.84, with turnover of RMB 26.3 bln.
    2018/08/17 03:29:30
    The overnight HKD Hibor rate UP 18.1 bps to 0.90071%, the 7D HKD Hibor rate up 4.6 bps to 1.10304%, the 3M HKD Hibor rate up 2.2 bps to 1.88492%
    2018/08/17 03:22:15
    Shanghai's fixed assets investment up 6.6% YoY to RMB 376.44 bln in Jan-Jul, according to Shanghai Statistics Bureau
    2018/08/17 03:13:34
    China's O/N Shibor rate up 6.9 bps to 2.5800%, 7D Shibor rate up 1.3 bps to 2.6500%, 3M Shibor rate up 0.4 bps to 2.8170%
    2018/08/17 03:08:01
    Alibaba's third-party mobile and online payment platform Alipay will begin operations in Pakistan by the end of 2018
    2018/08/17 03:02:52
    China is accelerating research and launch of new derivative products such as treasury options and 30-year treasury futures, said Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of CSRC
    2018/08/17 02:59:29
    The central bank of Argentina agrees USD 4 bln currency swap with China’s PBoC
    2018/08/17 02:26:24
    China's PBoC injects RMB 176.5 bln via monetary policy tool this week including RMB 130 bln OMO
    2018/08/17 01:42:22
    China's PBoC will carry out a reverse repo of RMB 90 bln for 7 days today
    2018/08/17 01:40:22
    Shanghai Composite Index opens at 2,723.89, up 0.69%. Shenzhen Component Index opens at 8,573.57, up 0.86%. ChiNext Index opens at 1,475.89, up 0.82%
    2018/08/17 01:30:43
    China Financial Futures Exchange offers 2-year govt bond futures today to allow demand for hedging and other trading strategies.
    2018/08/17 01:22:08
    China's 1-day repo rate is reported at 2.5604%, up 5.5 bps from previous trading day
    2018/08/16 10:19:25
    2018/08/16 10:19:25 reports RMB 122.3 bln in Q2 revenue, slightly lower than market expectation of RMB 122.9 bln, adjusted ADS reached RMB 0.33
    2018/08/16 10:12:26
    China's central bank restricts banks to deposit or lend RMB offshore via Shanghai Free Trade Zone's Free Trade Accounting Unit (FTU) businesses, foreign media reported
    2018/08/16 09:57:16
    Foreign media reported that China's financial regulator requires the country's big 4 AMCs to help resolve the risks of P2P
    2018/08/16 09:40:24
    Chinese conglomerate Fosun invests USD 5 mln in Israel Fintech company The Floor
    2018/08/16 09:28:26
    Ping An Good Doctor suffers RMB 444.2 mln in H1 net loss
    2018/08/16 08:32:32
    Onshore RMB against the USD closed at 6.8960 at 16:30 BJT, an increase of 89 pips from the previous trading day.
    2018/08/16 08:16:36
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 27,100.06, down 0.8%
    2018/08/16 07:15:55
    Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,705.19, down 0.66%, turnover of RMB 117.6 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 8,500.42, down 0.94%, turnover of RMB 153.2 bln. The ChiNext Index closed at 1,463.87, down 0.99%, with a turnover of RMB 47.6 bln
    2018/08/16 07:14:19
    Guangzhou based real estate developer Evergrande Group signs cooperation agreement with China Academy of Science in 6 frontier fields including AI and super computer
    2018/08/16 05:49:07
    The Central Bank of Bangladesh has recently launched a new policy, allowing relevant banks to open Renminbi settlement accounts and settle with the central bank
    2018/08/16 05:39:02
    Hong Kong listed China Resources Power sees profit up 59.6% YoY to HKD 2.96 bln in H1
    2018/08/16 05:14:23
    China's MoC: U.S. investment in China increased by 12% YoY in Jan-Jul
    2018/08/16 05:12:04
    China's utilized FDI up 14.9% YoY to RMB 50.42 bln, said MoC
    2018/08/16 03:58:34
    According to statistics, as the end of Jun, the assets liabilities ratio of China's SOEs drops to 64.9%, down 0.7 percentage point from the beginning of 2018
    2018/08/16 03:45:15
    Shanghai Composite Index falls 0.87% to 2,699.60 at 11:30 BJT, with turnover of RMB 70.9 bln. Shenzhen Component Index down 0.84% to 8,508.89, with turnover of RMB 93.4 bln. The ChiNext Index sees a drop of 0.96% to 1,464.39, with turnover of RMB 29.5 bln.
    2018/08/16 03:25:39
    The overnight HKD Hibor rate up 5.2 bps to 0.71911%, the 7D HKD Hibor rate up 22.8 bps to 1.05714%, the 3M HKD Hibor rate up 6 bps to 1.86300%
    2018/08/16 03:13:45
    China's O/N Shibor rate up 16.6 bps to 2.5110%, 7D Shibor rate up 2.5 bps to 2.6370%, 3M Shibor rate up 0.6 bps to 2.8130%, 1Y Shibor rate up 4.4 bps to 3.3290%
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