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  • 2018/11/14 09:20:39
    2018/11/14 09:20:39
    State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council is formulating a reform plan for the authorization of state-owned capital to transform the management of enterprises to the management of capital, and boldly delegating powers to enterprises with mixed ownership reforms
    2018/11/14 09:20:24
    Recently, the Party Central Committee and the State Council formally approved Shanghai institutional reform plan. According to statistics, as of now, the institutional reform plans of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) have been approved
    2018/11/14 09:20:01
    Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: promoting deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry as well as high-quality development of real economy
    2018/11/14 09:08:52
    Guangdong Dongguan will provide financial support of over RMB 40 bln for the city’s enterprises
    2018/11/14 08:50:17
    Ping An: in the first 10 months, revenue on insurance premiums has reached RMB 610 bln
    2018/11/14 08:48:04
    The latest news released by Shanghai Government Procurement Network shows that Shanghai Sports Bureau is conducting a tender for the feasibility study and analysis of the bid for 2032 Summer Olympics
    2018/11/14 08:47:46
    Onshore RMB against the USD opens at 6.9509, up 22 pips
    2018/11/14 08:43:34
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 25,654.43, down 0.5%
    2018/11/14 08:43:21
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,632.24, down 0.85%, with turnover of RMB 177 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 7,908.55, down 0.69%, with turnover of RMB 234 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,385.97, down 0.45%, with turnover of RMB 68.6 bln
    2018/11/14 06:10:22
    Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: Canada is willing to continue to push forward negotiations on FTA with China. It will send a positive signal to the world to further promote economic and trade relations and maintain free trade, deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and create more interests for two nations
    2018/11/14 06:10:11
    ZTE has launched 5G Core Network (5GC) automated integrated solution
    2018/11/14 06:09:57
    It is estimated that operating mileage of urban rail transit in China will exceed 6,000 miles by 2020
    2018/11/14 05:59:22
    SAIC Motor's ride-hailing platform will start a trial operation on November 18th
    2018/11/14 05:42:28
    Shandong plans to build new security and communication networks based on quantum cryptography
    2018/11/14 04:27:39
    Li Lihui,Bank of China's former president : China should establish a centralized and unified financial database
    2018/11/14 04:26:48
    Morgan Stanley will include SF Express and Qihoo 360 Technology into MSCI Emerging Market Index
    2018/11/14 04:26:30
    Ant Financial Services Group CEO: Technical services will be the core of the company’s business
    2018/11/14 04:16:16
    TSMC will invest RMB 100 bln to build a new plant to widen the gap between Samsung and Intel
    2018/11/14 04:16:03
    China's online auto loan service provider, WEI, mulls to raise USD 45 mln via its NYSE IPO on Nov 15
    2018/11/14 04:13:59
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 25,758.06, down 0.1%
    2018/11/14 03:47:00
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,653.24, down 0.06%, with turnover of RMB 103.3 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 7,971.22, up 0.09%, with turnover of RMB 136.3 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,396.89, up 0.35%, with turnover of RMB 39 bln
    2018/11/14 03:38:33
    NBS: China’s gas production reached 13.4 bln cubic meters in Oct., up 7.5% YoY, and that in Jan-Oct reached 129.5 bln cubic meters, up 6.3% YoY
    2018/11/14 03:38:20
    NBS: China’s coke production reached 36.61 mln tons in Oct., up 4.5% YoY, and that in Jan-Oct reached 359.53 mln tons, down 1.0% YoY
    2018/11/14 03:38:04
    NBS: China’s coal output reached 305 mln tons in Oct., up 8.0% YoY, and that in Jan-Oct reached 2.899 bln tons, up 5.4% YoY
    2018/11/14 03:37:26
    NBS: China’s crude processing volume reached 52.78 mln tons in Oct., up 4.6% YoY, and that in Jan-Oct reached 505.1 mln tons, up 7.8% YoY
    2018/11/14 03:37:05
    China's O/N Shibor rate down 14.30 bps to 2.3250%, 7D Shibor rate down 0.1 bps to 2.6320%, 3M Shibor rate up 0.4 bps to 3.0080%, 1Y Shibor rate down 0.4 bps to 3.5540%
    2018/11/14 03:25:43
    NBS: China's power generation up 4.8% YoY or 4.6% MoM to 533 bln KWH in Oct
    2018/11/14 03:22:09
    NBS: China's value added industrial output up 5.9% YoY in Oct
    2018/11/14 02:39:23
    NBS: China's investment in real estate development sector up 9.7% YoY to RMB 9.93 trln in Jan-Oct
    2018/11/14 02:38:42
    NBS: China's unemployment rate reached 4.9% as of end Oct, remained flat from a year earlier
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