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  • 2019/06/14 08:56:44
    2019/06/14 08:56:44
    From Jan. to May, Ministry of Finance levied RMB 477.8 billion from Chinese personal income tax, down 30.7% YoY.
    2019/06/14 08:54:32
    Tencent’s Wesure launches the outpatient clinic insurance with the maximum damages amounting to RMB 5,000 and can be claimed through Wechat.
    2019/06/14 08:32:30
    Shanghai has built more than 2,000 5G base stations and will deploy 11,000 more by the end of 2019.
    2019/06/14 07:43:30
    National Bureau of Statistics: In May, China’s total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to RMB 3.29 tln, up 6.4% YoY.
    2019/06/14 07:18:07
    Chinese electric car maker NIO’s stock has slumped 16% in June, and more than 70% of its market value was wipe out in three months.
    2019/06/14 07:00:18
    Gree Real Estate spent RMB 233 million to repurchase 42.24 million shares which accounted for 2.05% of the company’s outstanding shares.
    2019/06/14 06:46:37
    Chinese automaker BYD announces that from Jan. to May, the company’s total power battery shipments have reached 6.9 GWh.
    2019/06/14 06:44:41
    On June 13 Xiaomi repurchased 5.17 million Class B shares at a price about HKD 50 million.
    2019/06/14 06:35:24
    Chinese telecommunications equipment company ZTE partners with mechanical engineering company Wiscom System. Both sides will promote the development of smart grid, smart city, and telecommunication manufacturing.
    2019/06/13 07:40:17
    2019/06/13 07:40:17
    The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announces new partnership with Alipay, offering ticket presales for the upcoming European Championship 2020 via its mini program on Alipay.
    2019/06/13 07:24:07
    Facebook veteran Blake Chandlee is hired by Chinese conglomerate ByteDance as VP of global business solutions. Earlier, ByteDance has hired several executives from YouTube.
    2019/06/13 07:03:03
    China's Nasdaq-style tech board, officially called the SSE STAR Market, is launched in Shanghai today.
    2019/06/13 06:52:36
    Chinese insurtech startup Waterdrop completes an RMB 1 bln C Round Financing led by Boyu Capital and joined by Tencent, CICC Capital, and Gaorong Capital.
    2019/06/13 06:42:14
    Citi assigned Chinese game maker 37 Interactive Entertainment a “Buy” rating with a target price at RMB 16. Citi remarks that shares of small game developers in China’s online game market are declining.
    2019/06/13 02:06:15
    Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi announces that its Mi TV has the highest share in India’s smart TV market for four consecutive quarters.
    2019/06/13 02:05:54
    China Association of Automobile Manufactures: In May, production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 112,000 and 104,000 respectively, up 16.9% YoY and 1.8% YoY.
    2019/06/13 01:53:08
    Shanghai released 20 guiding opinions on promoting the development of e-sports industry, aiming to build itself a global e-sports hub in the following three to five years.
    2019/06/13 01:48:00
    CICC estimates that Media, the largest electrical appliance seller in China, will be the biggest beneficiary from its peers’ dispute. Earlier, Chinese major appliance manufacturer Gree accused its rival Aux of selling substandard air conditioners.
    2019/06/13 01:37:42
    Chinese internet giant Tencent teamed up with Liaoning Provincial People’s Government on Wednesday to develop smart cities, digital government services and industrial Internet in Liaoning Province, northeast China.
    2019/06/12 09:51:00
    2019/06/12 09:51:00
    China Guizhou Maotai Brewery will supply another 2,000 tons of Maotai liquor into the market this month, and 16,000 tons will be supplied in the second half of the year.
    2019/06/12 08:21:53
    Ministry of Commerce: From January to April, China's export of service trade increased by 10.1% YoY.
    2019/06/12 08:21:12
    Blue Paper on Employment in 2019: The employment rate of undergraduate graduates (91.0%) continued to decline slowly, 1.6% lower than that of 2014 (92.6%); the employment rate of the graduates from higher vocational college was 92.0%, 0.5% higher than that of 2014 (91.5%).
    2019/06/12 08:19:39
    Ten ministries and commissions will control the number of public hospitals to leave room for development of non-governmental hospitals.
    2019/06/12 04:22:47
    Statistics Bureau: the prices of fresh fruit rose by 10.1% MoM due to reduced supply.
    2019/06/12 04:22:44
    Statistics Bureau: CPI rose 2.7% YoY in May, hitting a new high in 15 months and food prices rose by 7.7%.
    2019/06/12 02:42:50
    Universal life insurance continues to be high in demand, premiums have increased by 40%, and some banks even restricted these purchases.
    2019/06/12 02:31:24
    According to American venture capitalist Mary Meeker, China’s Internet users have reached 820 mln, and short video continues to maintain steady growth.
    2019/06/12 01:18:11
    In 2018, the expenditure of social security fund was around RMB 5 tln, a 40% increase in two years.
    2019/06/12 01:15:47
    In the first five months of 2019, the export volume of China's rare earth was 1,9265.8 tons, a decrease of 7.2% YoY. The export volume of rare earth in May was 3639.5 tons, a decrease of 16% from the previous month.
    2019/06/11 09:16:53
    2019/06/11 09:16:53
    The accumulated balance of basic endowment insurance fund for employees exceeded RMB 5 tln for the first time.
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