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  • 2019/02/22 09:19:40
    2019/02/22 09:19:40
    The net profits of Xuzhou Ya Tai Science & Technology Co., Ltd has increased by 25% to RMB 379 mln
    2019/02/22 09:19:33
    Ministry of Finance: China has issued a total of RMB 418 bln worth of local bonds in January
    2019/02/22 08:59:35
    Data from Wind: China has issued RMB 197.627bln of local bonds, RMB 70bln of national bonds, and RMB 99.47bln of policy bonds this week
    2019/02/22 08:59:29
    Premium audio solutions Edifier has announced that in 2018, its revenue has reached RMB 881 mln, a YoY decrease of 2.21%; net profits amounted to RMB 53.866 mln, a YoY decrease of 53.78%
    2019/02/22 08:47:26
    Onshore RMB against the USD closes at 6.7186, down 85 pips
    2019/02/22 08:47:20
    The revenue of Zhejiang Garden Bio-chemical High-tech Co., Ltd. has reached RMB 0.66 bln in 2018, a YoY increase of 57.24%; net profits amounted to RMB 0.307 bln, a YoY increase of 135.72%
    2019/02/22 08:47:12
    The revenue of Shandong Longda Meat Foodstuff Co., Ltd has reached RMB 8.78 bln in 2018, a YoY increase of 33.56%; net profits amounted to RMB 0.17 bln, a YoY decrease of 7.38%
    2019/02/22 08:47:07
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closes at 28,816.30, up 0.7%
    2019/02/22 08:07:14
    In 2018, the total amount of funds raised by Chinese TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) enterprises for IPO amounted to RMB 225.9 bln, three times the size in 2017
    2019/02/22 08:07:00
    In 2019, PBOC will further promote the research and development of its digital currency and will strengthen the monitoring and supervision of the virtual currency
    2019/02/22 07:08:04
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,804.23, up 1.91%, with turnover of RMB 264.5 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 8,651.20, up 2.36%, with turnover of RMB 357.7 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,456.30, up 3.10%, with turnover of RMB 103.4 bln
    2019/02/22 06:43:05
    CITIC Bank plans to issue RMB 40 bln of convertible corporate bonds as early as in March this year
    2019/02/22 06:39:01
    IDC: China is expected to possess world’s largest amount of available data by 2025
    2019/02/22 06:35:40
    Apple has cooperated with Ant Financial to launch its first interest-free installment service for iPhone in China
    2019/02/22 06:35:32
    MIIT: Market scale of the industrial Internet in 2019 may reach RMB 480 bln
    2019/02/22 04:02:22
    Shanghai Composite Index closes at 2,752.73, up 0.03%, with turnover of RMB 127.1 bln. Shenzhen Component Index closes at 8,460.57, up 0.10%, with turnover of RMB 178.2 bln. The ChiNext Index closes at 1,422.22, up 0.69%, with turnover of RMB 52.2 bln
    2019/02/22 03:07:25
    China's O/N Shibor rate up 40.1 bps to 2.4310%, 7D Shibor rate up 20.1 bps to 2.6000%, 3M Shibor rate up 10.9 bps to 2.5180%
    2019/02/22 03:04:51
    Li Xiaojia, CEO of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has said that daily trading volume through Bond Connect has risen to RMB 6 bln; investors can participate in the primary market in the future
    2019/02/22 03:04:36
    Reuters: Huawei will open its flagship smartphone store in Vienna this summer, its first store outside China
    2019/02/22 03:04:26
    JD senior vice president Wang Xiaosong: Fresh food can bring more new users to JD
    2019/02/22 03:04:16
    In January, the turnover of P2P car loans reached RMB 7.887 bln, up 0.34% MoM
    2019/02/22 02:28:41
    Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, has said that Alibaba will continue to develop more training programs for talents, and invest more platform resources to help society create more jobs
    2019/02/22 02:28:29
    Hellobike has launched its ride sharing business in over 300 cities. The number of car owners registered in its platform has exceeded 2 mln, with over 7 mln orders placed
    2019/02/22 02:27:00
    Onshore RMB against the USD opens at 6.7337, up 139 pips
    2019/02/22 02:01:07
    Baidu’s Q4 revenue reached RMB 27.2 bln in 2018, a YoY increase of 22%
    2019/02/22 02:00:56
    iQIYI: Number of subscribers reached 87.4 mln at the end of Q4
    2019/02/22 01:32:28
    Shanghai Composite Index opens at 2,749.46, down 0.09%. Shenzhen Component Index opens at 8,431.56, down 0.24%. ChiNext Index opens at 1,409.86, down 0.19%
    2019/02/22 01:31:23
    Hong Kong Hang Seng Index down 0.5%
    2019/02/22 01:31:16
    The central parity rate today for RMB against the USD up 69 pips from yesterday's to stand at 6.7151
    2019/02/21 09:31:19
    2019/02/21 09:31:19
    Onshore RMB against the USD closed at 6.7101 at 16:30 BJT, an increase of 135 pips from the previous trading day.
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