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Beijing aligns robotics and AI to build smart city
Sep 29, 2017

Sep 29, 2017 (China Knowledge) – The 2017 World Robot Conference held at the Chinese capital was organized by the municipal government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Association for Science and Technology, The Chinese Institute of Electronics, Beijing Commission of Information and Technology and Beijing E-Town's administration commission reflects the importance of this year's show. Beijing, the home to largest number of Fortune 500 Company, is rapidly adopting and leveraging latest developments in the AI and robotics for a full-geared e-government.


This year's theme held at Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park and home to many hi-tech industry, ran with the focus on collaborative innovation towards building smart cities. With breakthroughs and rapid improvements in the AI and robotic functions, Beijing is banking big-time in luring the top-notch robotic companies on a global scale. Besides offering a vast domestic market, which China is already the largest by units of robot imported or adopted in wide-ranging manufacturing, the country also offers abundant human resources and talents in areas of robot R&D and production.


Take for example of an exhibitor at the show; Robot4U, a robot manufacturer located at Beijing E-Town, that offer robots and robotic solutions in the FMCG, financial, aviation and pharmaceutical industries, benefits from their strategic location and ready market in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei corridor region. Riding on government rapid adoption of smart city's technology and latest applications Robot4U taps on e-government in areas of government finance, tax revenue, traffic management and other areas in the region and won lucrative contracts and received high praise from local governments. The company is now fast moving into education, elderly care and many other areas some 300 over cities yearning to improve and transform into global smart city.


According to the 13th Five-Year Plan of Beijing the capital is aiming to reduce carbon emission and transform into a world-class smart city with wide adoption of AI and robot which it is getting access from Beijing E-Town that account for more than half the robotic industry's output value. The target is to achieve RMB 60 billion in output value by 2025 according to Zhang Boxu, commission director of Beijing E-Town.

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