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Beijing E-Town emerges as top global destination for robotic industry
Sep 28, 2017

Sep 28, 2017 (China Knowledge) – Recent 2017 World Robot Conference (WRC) held at Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park, brought together world's leading experts and major enterprises at the show displaying their latest achievements in the robotic technology.


With remarkable business successes and numerous positive media critics for 3 consecutive years of the event Beijing E-Town has emerged as the global marketplace and host for the robotic industry. Today this triple-A rated industrial has built a comprehensive industry clusters and research institutions that produces some the world's leading robotics, related parts and innovations.


Take for example the leading global supplier of automation technology Festo from Germany, which only set up in the area last year, it has developed new bionic robotic arms with almost human-like movements. Within 12 months after it settled in Beijing E-Town, Festo has also stablished a customer-experience center to provide solutions for automation requirements.


According to Beijing E-Town's administrative commission the area has brought in heavy-weight HIT Robot Group, Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co., Ltd, ABB Group and other world leading companies in robot manufacturing and R&D to form a value chain centering the industry cluster.


It is estimated that more than100 robotic enterprises have set up in Beijing E-Town, with a total output value of RMB 3 billion that account for over 50% of this industry in Beijing covering robots used for wide applications, key robot parts manufacturing and R&D centers.

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