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PhytoDer Protein Corp produces pharmaceutical protein at Beijing E-Town
Sep 22, 2017

Sep 22, 2017 (China Knowledge) – PhytoDer Protein Corporation (PDPC) has started to produce pharmaceutical protein on lettuce and other common vegetables at its plant located in Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park known for hi-tech industry clusters, R&D and innovation centers.


This cutting-edge technology and possible substitute for animal and other higher costs protein source has seen remarkable results from its gene-injected method where 1 gram of protein extracted from 1 kilogram of lettuce within 7 days’ processing. Besides lettuce, rice, corn, tobacco leaves and other common plants can be used for extracting protein.


On the more advance applications the technology can be used to develop medicine, a form of customized protein, to cure tumor, stroke and other diseases.


Founded by a team of American Chinese scientists the research is supported by the National Institutes of Health of the United States, and plant was only built months ago at Beijing E-Town where it is home to world's leading pharmaceutical enterprises, bio-tech firms and related research institutes. The area accounts for over 50% of the industry in Beijing currently; and, commonly refers as the Medical Valley of China.

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