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Beijing E-Town sees RMB 60 bln revenue for robotic industry by 2025
Sep 22, 2017

Sep 22, 2017 (China Knowledge) – The 2017 World Robot Conference (WRC) held in Beijing E-Town last month concluded with an ambitious figure. The venue sponsor, a triple-A rated industrial park and China’s technology and innovation center, is staking its claim to be the epicenter and the country's hub for robotic industry.


According to Zhang Boxu, the Commission Director of Beijing E-Town, the capital of Beijing could reap in RMB 60 billion of revenue from the robotic industry by 2025. During the keynote speech, Zhang highlighted that the capital is already the home of nearly 20 key robotic research institutions including Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences; and, over 170 robot startups have set up there churning out many innovations.


For example the 'Tianji' robot for use in the orthopedics and spinal surgeries is currently used in China's hospitals. Other leading technology achievements are also seen in the robot development for space station repair, robotic quality inspection and other areas of aerospace.


Zhang further reiterate that the capital has planned to establish Beijing E-Town as the global emerging robot innovation center by 2025 so that to enhance wide-spread applications of robotic technology and facilitate the development of robots for the service sector and other specialized areas.


In recent years China has become the world's largest importer and users of robotics in wide-ranging industry sectors, and the last few year the robot industry grew about 35% annually, and has gradually shifting its focus from robot application to innovation.


Beijing E-Town now accounts for over 50% of the industry output in the capital support and sustain by strong robot-related R&D, design and innovation.

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