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Hai Kang Life breakthrough in animal parasite detection kit
Sep 21, 2017

Sep 21, 2017 (China Knowledge) – Hai Kang Life (Beijing) Corporation Limited, a pioneering biotechnology company in the advance molecular technology, and development of biotechnology applications and systems for clinical diagnostics and monitoring of quality and safety for the veterinary and food markets worldwide, announces its latest achievement of a new animal parasite detection.


The biotech firm, located at Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park, claims its parasite detection test kit is equipped with high accuracy, and could relieve the incidence occurrence for 50 million herdsmen and their animal farms.


The test kit is also highly portable, and can produce results in very short time with high accuracy of 92%. The test kits are currently distributed and used in animal feeding pastures areas; and, as of to date, received remarkable results and positive feedbacks.


According to the experts and researchers at Hai Kang Life, the R&D of the test kit is only half way the journey. The team is continuing to develop more portable test kit with simpler steps for testing in epidemic areas, and this have resulted in controlling the contagious animal diseases more quickly, once detected.


Beijing E-Town the home to Hai Kang Like (Beijing) Corporation Limited has built a world-class biotech and biomedicine park that have attracted many world's leading pharmaceutical enterprises, and the area accounts for over 50%'s of the city's pharmaceutical industry activities and output.

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