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China Bond Daily News 09:50 BJT
2019/10/25 12:20:24
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Oct 25, 2019 (China Knowledge) - PBoC will launch a 7-day reverse repo of RMB 30 bln in the open market today, and RMB 30 bln of reverse repo will mature today.


According to the Ministry of Finance, the total local government bonds issued across China from January to September 2019 totaled RMB 4.1822 trln. This includes RMB 1.6676 trln in general bonds and RMB 2.5146 trln in special bonds.


According to China Credit Rating Credit Risk Monitoring Report, the scale of bond defaults in the first three quarters of this year was RMB 79.7 bln, up 36% YoY.


The 11th financial bond of the China Development Bank, which was renewed for the first time in the counter market, is a one-year fixed-rate interest-bearing bond with a face value of RMB 100 and a coupon rate of 2.59%.


PBoC has launched 7-day reverse repo for five consecutive trading days this week, totalling RMB 590 bln. RMB 30 bln worth of reverse repos mature today, with PBoC achieving a net investment of RMB 560 bln in the week.


RMB 50 bln worth of Pudong Convertible Bonds will be launched today. With the inclusion of SPDB convertible bonds, the total amount of convertible bonds issued this year has exceeded RMB 200 bln, much higher than in previous years.


Longji Group (601012) plans to issue RMB 5 bln of convertible bonds to cover its expansion fund. The estimated total amount of financing for 7 years of listing will exceed RMB 16.4 bln.


The status of the 11th phase of Vanke-CITIC Securities’ final asset support project has been updated to “accepted” at the SZSE. According to the opinion of the real estate new media, the asset special bond category is ABS, and the proposed issuance amount is RMB 1.328 bln.


CDB Leasing (01606) expects USD 3 bln of medium-term notes to be put up for sale today.


H&H international holdings (01112) redeemed part of the 7.25% senior notes due in 2021.

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