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MONTAGE TECHNOLOGY debuts at STAR Market with 202% premium over its IPO price
2019/07/22 13:11:11
STAR market, A shares, Sci-tech Innovation Board

Jul 22, 2019 (China Knowledge) - On its first trading day on STAR Market, MONTAGE TECHNOLOGY’s highest and lowest intraday prices were RMB 97.2 and RMB 66.3. The price increase of the company is 202%, ranking 4th among the 25 IPOs listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board launched today. The company's trading value totaled RMB 4.6bln. Based on MONTAGE TECHNOLOGY’s closing price of RMB 74.9, it is estimated that the company's PE ratio is 114.9 and market capitalization at RMB 84.6bln.

Montage Technology, one of the leading fabless semiconductor companies, is committed to providing high-performance IC based solutions for cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) markets. Dedicating more than 10 years to memory interface technology, the company is able to deliver high-speed, large-capacity memory buffer solutions of DDR2 to DDR4 to meet growing demanding data centers. Montage’s invention of DDR4, a fully buffered“1+9” distributed architecture, is adopted by JEDEC as an international standard. Montage’s related products have successfully entered the mainstream memory, server and cloud computing fields and serves the majority of the global market. Since 2016, Montage has been cooperating with Tsinghua University and Intel to develop Jintide® CPU. A high-performance Jintide® server platform combined with Jintide® CPU and Montage's hybrid security memory module (HSDIMM®) has been launched.

The initial offering price of MONTAGE TECHNOLOGY was set at RMB 24.8 and PE ratio of 40.1 time. The company is estimated to have raised RMB 2.8bln according to its prospectus.

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