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BMW China announced its cooperation with China Unicom for 5G technology
2019/07/11 08:00:30
BMW China, China Unicom, 5G technology, self-driving

Jul 11, 2019 (China Knowledge) - BMW China and China Unicom have reached an official agreement to build an Internet of Vehicles based on the 5G communication networks. Both sides will use 5G-based technology mostly to launch self-driving certification projects and develop self-driving systems.

The 5G Internet of Vehicles will help experiment with the self-driving system and various applications in different scenarios. BMW plans to start using the 5G technology from July 2021. Certain models in China will be connected to China Unicom's 5G mobile network. This development demands larger data transfers and more complex applications in self-driving systems.

Connected cars can generate masses of data to advance the development of autonomous driving tech, which data centers can analyze in real-time via 5G networks. 5G networks can provide the bandwidth which is enough to process that large amount of data quickly, since BMWs can produce up to eight terabytes of data an hour.

It is said that 5G networks allow for lower latency, providing more high-speed navigation services and fast-response remote control functions that can enhance vehicle safety. It is convenient for car-to-car and car-to-environment connections through 5G networks since vehicles can share data to predict areas of congestion or potentially dangerous situations.

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