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Bytedance launches new messaging service Flipchat
2019/05/21 04:03:18
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May 21, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Bytedance, which operate the popular app TikTok has launched a new messaging app to challenge WeChat’s position as the leading social media app in China.

The new app named Flipchat or “Feiliao” in Chinese is currently being marketed by the company as “an open social product” and will be available for both iOS and Android users, featuring functions such as instant messaging, group chats, video calls and personal updates similar to WeChat’s moments feature.

In addition, Flipchat will also include a forum feature which will allow users to create private or open groups of up to 3,500 people which Bytedance hopes can be used to connect people with similar interests.

WeChat which has long dominated the Chinese social media and messaging sector is starting to see increasing competition with multiple new entrants such as Bullet Messaging and Matong MT as well as Bytedance’s Duoshan which is a video-based messaging service similar to Snapchat, although none of them have really taken off.

Bytedance is currently working with e-commerce giants Alibaba Group for this new messaging service which is connected with the latter’s Alipay mobile payment service and will also provide access to Alibaba’s Taobao online shopping platform.

Bytedance is now increasing its focus on the social networking market and is said to be also planning more products in the sector.

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