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Sogou enters partnership with UAE on AI-powered news anchor
2019/04/30 05:48:13
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Apr 30, 2019 (China Knowledge) - China’s second lagest search engine operator Sogou has entered a deal with United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) state-owned broadcaster Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) to develop the world’s first Arabic-speaking artificial intelligence powered news presenter.

The AI news presenter will allow ADM to provide news broadcasts more efficiently in multiple styles and formats and may potentially allow for round-the-clock broadcasts.

According to the country’s minister of AI, the use of AI tools in the media sector represents a great leap forward not just in the UAE but also the entire region and will help to enrich media content and provide opportunities for young professionals to build new skill sets.

The deal between Sogou and the UAE comes after the company introduced “composite anchors” that combine images and voices of human anchors with AI technology last November in conjunction with Chinese state-owned news agency Xinhua.

These anchors are already used by Xinhua on its internet and mobile platforms, English and Chinese apps as well as its WeChat account and online television page.

This is also the first time Sogou’s AI news anchor technology will be adopted by an international media organization and is the latest hi-tech Chinese export to enter the Belt and Road countries, adding another milestone in China’s efforts to become a world leader in AI by 2030.

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