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ABB Group expects demand for automation in China to surge in coming years
2019/04/16 04:47:28
ABB Group; automation and robotics

Apr 16, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Swiss-Swedish automation company ABB Group is counting on demand from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers as well as small and medium enterprises to drive demand at a robotics factory it is building in Shanghai.

ABB Group expects demand for industrial robotics in China to surge in the coming years due to a reduction in the country’s working population due to its fast-ageing population and increasing labor costs. Last year, the country’s working population shrank by 4.3 million, the largest drop since the country’s working population started contracting in 2014.

This falling working population and increasing labor costs will force companies to turn towards automation and robotics to remain competitive.

Currently, the company is already helping Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO to build a highly-automated factory and provide fast-charging solutions for batteries that are used in the latter’s vehicles.

According to ABB, there are more than 400 companies in China’s electric vehicle sector and the company hopes to able to cater to their automation needs in the upcoming wave of investment into electric vehicle manufacturing.

In the past, automation has tended to be unavailable to small and medium-sized enterprises due to its high costs but ABB Group hopes to bridge this gap by offering these companies with pre-engineered solutions that can lower costs significantly.

Apart from electric vehicle manufacturers, ABB Group is also looking to target food and beverage companies as well as computing, communications and machinery manufacturers.

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