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Beijing’s Daxing International Airport to be inaugurated in September
2019/01/07 03:13:06
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Jan 07, 2019 (China Knowledge) - International airlines including those in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau will be able to choose which airport they will be operating from in Beijing when the new Daxing International Airport opens in late September this year. The airlines will also have the option of operating in both airports available to them. The foreign airlines will likely decide on which airport to be based at, based on their global alliance memberships.

The new Daxing International Airport is located 45 kilometers from Beijing’s center and features a high-speed rail connect which will allow passengers to reach the city center in just 18 minutes. The new airport will help relieve pressure at the current Beijing Capital International Airport which has reached its capacity of 100 million passengers annually. The Daxing International Airport itself is expected to accommodate 72 million passengers annually by 2025.

As for Chinese airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines and Grand China Air will remain at the current Beijing Capital International Airport while China Sothern, China Eastern, Beijing Capital Airlines and China United Airlines will be moving to the new Daxing International Airport.

Both airports will remain as major international transit hubs. However, Beijing Capital will likely take on more of a transit role for flights in the Asia-Pacific region while Daxing which is located between Beijing and the Xiongan New Area will be supporting the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region into an economic city cluster.

Apart from Daxing, many more airports are expected to be constructed in China. The government aims to double the number of airports in the country to 450 by 2035 with an increased focus on access to the country’s third and fourth-tier cities.

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