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Alipay discloses core risk technology on cyber threats to aid industry’s security
2018/12/19 06:53:12
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Dec 19, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Alipay has established the Business Ecological Security Alliance (BESA) in Hangzhou, yesterday. The company announced that its core risk control technology will be open to business ecosystem partners. This will enable security technology to provide solution to partners and help the whole industry to deal with cyber threats. The establishment of the BESA means that Alipay has further disclosed its core security capability to all partners in the business ecosystem.

This is not the first time Alipay has opened its security capability. As early as 2015, through the Internet Financial Identity Authentication Alliance (IFAA), the company opened its biometrics solution to mobile phone manufacturers, enabling more users to enjoy the safety and convenience of biometrics. At the 2018 ATEC conference, the Ant risk brain 2 released by Alipay has also been disclosed to many regulatory authorities.

Rui XiongWen, vice president of Ant Financial, said that, in the early establishment phase of Alipay, the company’s target plan was ‘no thief in the world’, and through continuous technological upgrading, the risk control system is augmented. At present, the loss rate is only five in ten million. With the help of the alliance, Alipay hopes to work together with partners to realize joint prevention and control of risks and joint research and development of security technology, so as to provide better protection to users.

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