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Huawei and CMAC conclude online arbitration agreement
2018/12/17 03:45:09
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Dec 17, 2018 (China Knowledge) - China maritime arbitration commission (CMAC) and Huawei cloud have concluded cooperation to deploy the network arbitration system and data storage services through Huawei cloud, so as to realize the smooth progress of network arbitration services. The CMAC is a state-level permanent arbitration institution for settling disputes concerning maritime commerce, transportation and logistics, and other contractual or non-contractual disputes at home and abroad. So far, the CMAC has issued thousands of arbitral awards.

Huawei cloud provides a digital infrastructure platform for leading domestic arbitrators such as the CMAC. Th agreement will ultimately benefits tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Recently, many Chinese enterprises have been internationalized, therefore, several companies plan to go abroad to find an incremental market for their business extension. With the smooth development of the online arbitration business of the CMAC, Chinese enterprises will be able to solve commercial disputes in a more convenient, efficient and standard way. With the new cooperation between Huawei and CMAC conglomerates will be able to provide online evidence for online arbitration through the online platform of the CMAC, which saves a lot of time and cost compared with the traditional business model.

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