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360 Mobile Security partners with Huawei in Vulnerability Award Program
2018/12/03 08:00:01
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Dec 03, 2018 (China Knowledge) - At the 2018 Huawei terminal security award program conference, Huawei formally disclosed the "Vulnerability Award Program" to the public. The program offers security researcher, who participated into the conference, an award of up to RMB 1 million, and honorary thanks, as vulnerability discovery award. 360 Mobile security is among the first batch of partners of Huawei's Vulnerability Award Program.

During the event, Zhou Mingjian, head of 360 C0RE team, said that among the many core vulnerabilities, vendor drivers account for more than 90%. 360 C0RE Team has reported 138 Android vulnerabilities in the past two years, which are more than 12% of the world's total reported vulnerabilities for two consecutive years.

He said that Android ecosystem is still facing serious threats towards its core security, and the problem of exploiting vulnerabilities is increasing. Security personnel need to do more research and learn about these weaknesses.

The award program will encourage more whitehats to devote themselves to the research of Huawei mobile terminal product security, and ensure user security.

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