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Aerospace Technology Fills a Gap in Humidity Monitoring
2018/08/31 02:33:42
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Nov 20, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Beijing Aerospace Yilian Science & Technology Development co. ltd., an enterprise located in Beijing E-Town, has achieved a 5-level humidity measurement range (10ppmv-10,00,000ppmv) via laser modulated humidity sensor on the basis of aerospace technology. The sensor, with advantages of non-contact, high reliability, quick response and high precision, has been applied in many fields, filling a gap in humidity monitoring of China's cultural relics. Before the development of laser modulated humidity sensor, there was no such accurate way to monitor these relics.

Its research & development was done in Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), and is a part of special projects for major equipment development of Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

TDLAS, a technique for measuring the concentration of certain species, has advantages of no cross interference, large measurement range, high precision, real-time measurement, etc. Based on such technology, the humidity sensor plays an important role in industrial production, security monitoring, environmental protection, biomedicine and other fields. However, only a few manufacturers in China have applied this technology. The development of such technology in most universities and research institutes remains confined to laboratory, still a long way from the field application.

With innovations in key components, core algorithms and engineering application technology, the developed laser modulated humidity sensor, has achieved a record wide range of 10ppmv-10,00,000ppmv. The sensor is able to measure accurately under complex conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, low pressure, high flow rate, droplets and corrosion. At present, the product has been put into the development of special scientific research of (meteorological) public welfare profession and the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission project, and has successfully passed acceptance. Formed products have passed the test under the measurement units including AVIC Beijing Great Wall institute of measurement and testing technology, achieving high precision humidity measurement (≤ ± 1% RH). The product has developed more than 20 core independent intellectual property rights, including 23 invention patents, with 10 of them authorized.

According to the relevant person in charge, Aerospace Yilian's laser modulated humidity sensor products have been applied in many fields. It is providing the development of environmental monitoring system for the Dingtaowang cemetery in Shandong (Phase I) for the China Academy of Cultural Heritage, as well as monitoring service for wind tunnel testing for China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics (CAAA), Jiangsu Radio Scientific Institute Co., Ltd. and other institutes. The product is also used in high-altitude humidity measurement of domestic drones, high-humidity environment monitoring of cultural relics, and humidity monitoring of IDC equipment in data centers, of which humidity monitoring applications in the field of cultural relics fill the gap of that in China.

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