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Innovation of fintech with artificial intelligence
2018/11/01 08:08:43
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Nov 01, 2018 (China Knowledge) - In today's Hong Kong Fintech Week, there was a discussion forum on “Innovation of Fintech with AI”. Dr. MeiKei Leong, the CTO of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI); Samuel Lung, the group chief operating officers of Boafinancial Group; Reto Merazzi, Managing Partner of Silverhom Investment Advisors Limited; Michelle Chan, AI Committee Co-chair of fintech association of Hong Kong, were the guest speakers in the forum.

MeiKei Leong showed a video about a voice recognition system which his company has developed. He said that his company can provide the banks with the system that can recognize several languages and dialects to serve the bank's customers.

Samuel Lung said that, he believes the technology can make finance use friendly. He stressed on the importance of financial regulation, and said that regulations and regulators were needed to make financial system perfect. Additionally, he pointed out the current deficiencies of financial institutions, such as banks. He was of the view that there are several banks do not use AI technology which can enhance their productivity; not only that but most of them do not anything about fintech.

Regarding the application of AI technology, Reto Merazzi said that, we need to use AI technology to develop a system which can help us select the data we want from the complex global market. He said that it is not necessary to know the principle of the AI, the application of AI is more important.



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