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Video++’s AI to conquer China’s entertainment industry, raises RMB 1 bln in five months
2018/09/12 09:41:52
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Sep 12, 2018 (China Knowledge) - AI entertainment unicorn Video++ has completed C1 round financing, and raised RMB 1.07 billion in the last five months. New investors include Sirius Capital, Winshare Capital, Real Power Capital, CVCapital, Hanfor Holdings Co., Ltd. After this round of financing, Video++ will cooperate with Alibaba, Face++ and UBTECH to accelerate the layout of artificial intelligence (AI) entertainment industry.

Founded in Shanghai in 2014, Video++ (Jilian Technology Co., Ltd.) is an AI technology company focusing on new entertainment via AI.

After years of technical iteration and upgrading, the company has built a technical barrier and achieved industry leading. It has independently developed AI system of entertainment "VideoAI", and video interactive operating system "VideoOS", which have been commercialized on a large scale has become a standard of video application in the field of entertainment.

AI Scene Marketing Platform (ASMP) was developed independently by Video++, using VideoAI's accumulated huge data to improve the advertising effect.

As the technical enabler of the trillion-level new entertainment market, Video++ has been insisting on using AI technology to constantly break the bottleneck of the commercial development of the entertainment industry, accelerating the development of industrial commercialization, and facilitating the large-scale release of the entertainment market.

After the completion of this round of financing, Video++ will increase the investment in AI technology R&D in the entertainment market, and is estimated to hit a revenue scale of RMB 1 billion. At the same time, the company will strengthen cooperation with business partners, continue to expand new scenes and new business forms on the AI entertainment landscape.

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