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New voice messaging app lures tech giants Tencent and Alibaba
2018/08/29 08:17:56
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Aug 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Last Friday morning a new voice-messaging application ranked first in Apple China’s free app store.

Zidan Duanxin or Bullet Message translated in English, is an instant-messaging App developed by Beijing Kuairu technology Co., Ltd (Kuairu), and invested by Smartisan Technology Co., Ltd (Smartisan), that aims to provide an automatic voice-to-text function.

The new technology can automatically and simultaneously transcribe human speech to text clips. Another remarkable function is the provision of sliding button to gauge or play the chosen length of the voice message wanted.

The speech input recognition rate of Bullet Message can achieve up to 97%. In addition, this new technology helps to eliminate speech errors with corrected texts. Even when the transcribed words are incorrect there is a function to verify the actual spoken words.

Despite WeChat’s immense popularity, WeChat has been criticized for being cumbersome in voice messages. Users need to click on the audio clip to have it transcribed. Unlike the convenience of Bullet Message, it can fast forward within the clip to cut down the time listening to long voice message.

Bullet Message is reminiscent of WeChat from the early 2010s, which started out as a messaging app, has since evolved into an all-in-one platform that includes games, payment, food delivery features and access to a variety of services via mini programs in the app.

Another comparison with WeChat, Bullet Message does not yet have a social media features like the WeChat’s Moments, where users post links, photos and status updates, as well as being able to see what their friends have shared.

Yesterday, it was confirmed by Smartisan’s director Luo Yonghao that Kuairu completed the first round of RMB 150 million fundraising after it was launched for only seven days. It earns an estimated valuation of RMB 600 million.

The app is mulling a partnership with Alibaba’s Alipay to include payment features, Luo said, and Tencent’s investment arm has contacted with Kuairu.

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