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Tesla actively engages Chinese regulators over safety issues and complaints
2021/05/04 02:45:12

May 04, 2021 (China Knowledge) - Tesla Inc (TSLA) is actively engaging Chinese authorities over safety and customer service complaints in a bid to maintain a healthy relationship between both parties. China has the world’s biggest auto market, with China authorities actively holding meetings to discuss policies and standards with global and local auto companies. Although Tesla has a track record of missing these meetings in the past, they have attended at least four of such discussions in the past weeks, which is a show of their seriousness in working with the Chinese authorities.

The industry leader has also been actively recruiting members for their government relationship team in China, with hiring notices for managers to be in charge of updating of the policy database and maintenance of relationships with government and industry associations.

Despite its dominance in the market, Tesla has had its fair share of issues in China, ranging from battery fires to unexpected accelerations. Just last month, Tesla was targeted by state media over videos of an angry customer climbing on top of a Tesla car during the Shanghai Auto Show. As such, Tesla aims to open a data center to rectify such issues, as well as launch self-inspections to improve services.

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