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Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Main Board and SME Board merged to unify rules & supervision
2021/04/07 09:26:06

Apr 07, 2021 (China Knowledge) - Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZE) merged its main board with the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) board amid efforts to unify business rules and supervision modes.

According to the exchange, listed SMEs have converged with the main board in terms of market value scale, performance, and trading characteristics after 16 years of development

It also said that the merger is both a natural choice to conform to the law of market development, and also an inherent requirement to build a clear and concise market system. Issuance and listing conditions, stock codes and abbreviations, investor thresholds, and trading mechanisms will remain unchanged after the merger.

The exchange said that the merger will have little impact on market operations and investors' transactions in general as it involves only adjustments in parts of business rules, market products, technical systems, and issuance and listing arrangement.

Fixed-income products, futures, and options products would not be affected, and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program will still upkeep its trading mechanism.

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