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Wanfeng Auto Wheel wins contract for new Tesla Model Y, Excellent Supplier Award from Dongfeng Honda
2021/01/11 02:06:52

Jan 11, 2021 (China Knowledge) - When Elon Musk woke up on Thursday morning, he may not have expected to be crowned the richest man on earth when NASDAQ opened. The founder of Tesla (TLSA) saw his wealth surpassing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at a staggering USD 184 billion. And, this readily means selling of more new electric vehicles (NEV) worldwide.

Elon has to thank, not only his customers and loyal followers fanatically believing in his products but also his rigorously-selected suppliers. Being an advanced light-weight auto parts supplier, Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto (002085) is handpicked to supply parts for Tesla’s Model Y NEV, including magnesium alloy seat brackets, seat frame stampings and other products and services.

Just days ago, Wanfeng Auto Wheel has also won the prestigious ‘Excellent Supplier’ award from Dongfeng Hongda, a joint-venture auto giant between China’s Dongfeng Motor Group and Japan’s Honda Motor Company.

Last year, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Dongfeng Honda was nearly forced to halt its production. As its supplier, Wanfeng continued to fulfill the orders with high-quality products and services, helping Dongfeng Honda to overcome many challenges and resume normal production.

With an increasing demand for high-quality and light-weight auto parts, Wanfeng Auto Wheel’s market leadership will benefit from the auto industry recovery, and increasing demand for NEVs.

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