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HuobiCN to launch Blockchain as a Service for enterprise-level networks and applications
2020/02/25 09:35:11

Feb 25, 2020 (China Knowledge) - After a long period of preparation, HuobiCN has announced to launch its own blockchain platform using Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that serves as the carrier to develop blockchain applications.

Blockchain is expected to become an important driving force for future industrial transformation when application scenarios are becoming increasingly complicated. The BaaS platform, as an innovative way to deliver service, can accelerate the implementation of blockchain in various industries, especially the convergence into the real economy, which is the next big thing.

The integration of blockchain and practical application is expected to be implemented on a large scale in 2020. According to the report of IDC, by 2022, China's blockchain market will grow to $1.42 billion, with a compound growth rate of 72.60% over five years. It is also predicted that the underlying technology of blockchain and related industries will usher in a new round of high-speed growth period in the next few years.

Market recognition of blockchain is increasing, but high technical barriers are becoming obstacles to development. Blockchain enterprises still face many problems in technology implementation, such as blockchain technology are still not standardized, blockchain business chain complex and slow.

Fan Jin, director at HuobiCN, has said that the launch of the HuobiCN BaaS platform can better provide a one-stop "blockchain + industry" service for enterprise, so as to faster meet the customized needs of the enterprise.

With the continuous iteration of technology, BaaS has gradually matured and has great advantages in system expansibility, security, and maintenance management. These advantages can help enterprises manage and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and applications more quickly.

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