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Foreign trade in East China's Jiangsu province totaled RMB 4.3 trln in 2019
2020/01/20 04:55:16
Jiangsu, foreign trade, Belt and Road, International market layout

Jan 20, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Eastern China's Jiangsu Province’s foreign trade volume reached RMB 4.3 trln in 2019, accounting for 13.8 percent of the total in China, according to Nanjing Customs Sunday.

In 2019, Jiangsu's exports and imports totaled RMB 2.7 trln and RMB 1.6 trln, respectively. The province's general foreign trade grew steadily for three consecutive years, with a 4.9% year on year increment to RMB 2.2 trln in 2019.

Jiangsu optimized its international market layout continually last year. The number of its trade partners with an annual trade volume of over RMB 10 bln rose to 49 in 2019. Trade in Africa and other countries along the Belt and Road also rose 12.9% and 9.4%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the European Union replaced the United States as Jiangsu's largest trade partner last year.

Exports of mechanical and electrical products, as well as equipment manufacturing products in 2019, with exports of automobiles, electronic products, and medical equipment boasted a growth of 47.1%, 16.3%, and 12.8%, respectively, indicating strong momentum in growth.

Imports of high-tech products, energy products, and high-quality consumer goods also observed prominent increases. Among them, imports of cosmetics and four-wheel-drive light off-road vehicles rose 49.1% and 78% year on year, respectively.

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