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China Bond Daily News 09:50 BJT
2020/01/16 02:39:00

Jan 16, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Today 192 new bonds to be listed for trading, 85 new bonds put up for tender.

1-day pledge-style T-bond on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) fell 4bp to open at 3.05%

Shennan Circuits Co Ltd‘s Convertible bond rose 30% on the first day of listing, Sunvim Group Co Ltd‘s Convertible bond rose 14.9%, and Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Co Ltd’s Convertible bond rose 13.9%. 

PBoC started a 14-day reverse repurchase operation of RMB 300 bln. No reverse repo expires. PBoC posted a net investment of RMB 700 bln this week.

The 1-day pledged repo (DR001) at the depository opened at 2.50%, and the weighted average price of the previous day was 2.6876%. The 7-day pledged repo (DR007) at the depository opened at 2.60%, and the weighted average price was 2.7867% the previous day.

T-bond futures opened with 10-year contracts fell by 0.09% and 5-year contracts down by 0.05%.

The yields on 10-year bond ‘190215’ issued by China Development Bank fell 0.25bp to 3.535%.

CDB Shenzhen Stock Exchange 3-year bond issuance yielded 2.8359% and the bid multiple was 4.67. Interest rate of 7-year bond is 3.46% and the bid multiple was 6.05. 

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