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Foreign investors continue to be bullish on China's stock market, figures at record high
2019/12/02 10:10:18
foreign investment, China's stock market

Dec 02, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Although China's stock market declined last month but foreign investments show no sign of retreat but piled up even more monies. From HK Connect the Chinese stock exchanges witnessed some RMB 60.4 bln last month committed in its equity market. One reason for certain is the A-shares inclusion into the MSCI’s emerging market index on Nov 26, when a total of RMB 21.4 bln foreign investments shored up hundreds of Mainland's companies' shares.

Since Aug, foreign investment has been adding positions to 158 stocks for four consecutive months, of which 18 stocks have had their free-float proportion more than 4%. Semiconductor company Will Semi (603501) has obtained foreign investment at 11.15% of its outstanding shares. Second highest is Yealink Networks (300628) reportedly to have more than 10% in proportion. Others including Dashenlin (603233), Sophia (002572), Qilianshan (600720) and Shuanghui Dev (000895) all received 6% or more in foreign investment versus its free-float shares.

With the year-end approaching, it is expected that foreign investment will maintain net inflow. In terms of industry preference, consumer staple has been the greatest gainer, follows by food & beverage sector with concentration mainly on liquor producers.

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