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China set up expert team to begin R&D in 6G networks
2019/11/07 10:30:42
6G, Communication technologies, Wireless networks

Nov 07, 2019 (China Knowledge) - With the recent launch of fifth-generation network (5G) in China, the Ministry of Science and Technology has formed a team comprising of experts in the technology and communication fields to begin research and development of the sixth-generation network (6G).

The team will comprise of 37 technology experts from education institutions and enterprises, as well as specialists from government agencies, to discuss on the potential development of 6G, and conduct R&D on potential technologies. The team will aim to devise a feasible 6G plan and provide inputs in the planning process.

Wang Xi, vice minister of China’s National Technology Bureau, said that China will focus on technological innovation in the next few years, such as 6G networks. China is set to continue its efforts in emerging as a global leader in technological innovation.

China recently launched the large-scale commercialization of its 5G network, and its big-three telecommunications companies of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have begun offering 5G mobile plans to users.

China will likely not be the only country to kickstart efforts in R&D of 6G technologies, with Japan and the U.S likely to join the technology race as well.

6G network is expected to roll-out by 2030. Although there are no concrete concepts of 6G technologies so far, it is expected to revolutionize the industrial landscape and continue the digitalization of the world.

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