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ByteDance released two apps for marketing and advertising
2019/09/23 08:47:58
ByteDance, TikTok

Sep 23, 2019 (China Knowledge) - ByteDance has launched two apps, Juliang Chuangyi and TikTok AdStudio, for short video marketing and creative works exchange service.

Juliang Chuangyi is a comprehensive platform providing creative marketing solutions based on videos. Advertisers can plan, design and release their advertisements on this platform. Meanwhile, the platform also linked with the contents from Douyin and Jinri Toutiao, two apps from ByteDance.

It provides different kinds of rankings for the advertisers to understand and recognize the most popular and interesting content in the Douyin app so as to achieve target marketing.

Similarly, TikTok AdStudio is working for clients that want to cooperate with TikTok. Generally, the two apps are both the creative short video service platform for advertisers, video creators and agents. With this, ByteDance not only aims to improve domestic marketing and advertising products, but also promote to the overseas market.

Juliang Chuangyi also strengthens the promotion in a large number of advertising communities. Currently, in addition to video editing and viewing cases, Juliang Chuangyi also works with Juliang Yinqing, pushing the advertising videos to the Juliang Yinqing advertising platform to attain rapid release.

Advertisers can find creative ideas or advertisement solutions in Juliang Chuangyi that come with real-time analysis.

All these new products and services form a systematic mode of marketing and advertising from releasing to data monitoring.

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