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Meituan tests indoor and outdoor delivery robots in Beijing and Shenzhen
2019/09/02 08:23:44
Meituan, logistics, driverless delivery

Sep 02, 2019 (China Knowledge) - China’s O2O giant Meituan Dianping (03690) is testing unmanned delivery with robots in 10 office buildings and hotels in Beijing and Shenzhen. With the help of indoor delivery robots, Meituan seeks to cut delivery time from five to seven minutes per order, which will significantly improve the delivery efficiency.

Meituan is already the largest on-demand food delivery player in China. In October 2016, Meituan set up a team to develop the unmanned delivery services, intending to cope with rising labor demands and overall costs of operations. Meituan has developed two kinds of robots, an outdoor transport robot called Xiaodai, and an indoor delivery transport robot named Fudai.

Roaming around gated compounds, Xiaodai can select the best delivery routes and avoid obstacles on the road. Fudai mainly works inside hotels and office buildings and can bring food orders to users on different floors by using lifts.

Meituan is not the first to venture into the autonomous delivery sector. Amazon has been testing drone delivery Prime Air and patented its autonomous delivery truck technology in March. (JD), one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms, has also been testing the delivery of packages by drones.

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