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China is cracking down on popular social media apps
2019/07/05 09:36:37
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Jul 05, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Last week, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced that as many as 26 podcast sharing or voice-based social apps have been removed or closed by the relevant authorities. The banned apps including popular audio apps Lizhi FM and Ximalaya FM, popular music app NetEase Music and some others. Searches on Apple's App Store and Android app markets in China showed that these apps are no longer unavailable.

These apps are banned for disseminating "historical nihilism" and "obscene and pornographic information" on their platforms, exposing users to all sorts of content. Some app developers only cared about using algorithms to attract eyeballs, and this may pose negative impact on adolescents.

These apps are popular with young people, attracting many downloads on the app store. Their removal attracted some discussion on the social media platform.

Soul, an app functioned as a virtual matchmaking site attracting around six million downloads, was also removed from app store by China's cyberspace regulator. Some thought the app should be banned for spreading pornographic information. Others were more appreciative, thought it was a effective way to make friends. In a statement, Soul said it will work with the CAC to rectify its network. 

The CAC said: "The ultimate goal is to promote a healthy and orderly development of the industry by rectifying illegal apps and encouraging app developers to be responsible for their contents."

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