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Brazil welcomes Huawei despite US pressures
2019/06/11 08:52:12
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Jun 11, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Hamilton Mourao, the Vice President of Brazil, reiterated on June 9 that Brazil has no plan to exclude the Chinese telecom company Huawei Technologies from operating the fifth-generation (5G) mobile telecoms network in Brazil.

The Trump administration has banned American companies from trading with Huawei and called for other countries to cut ties with the firm on the grounds of the potential espionage threats from the use of Huawei’s equipment amid the escalating China-US trade war.   

Meanwhile, Brazil resists American pressure and continues its cooperation with Huawei. Mourao said in an interview that Brazil does not view China as a strategic threat and believes that the country is an important partner.

As the biggest economy in Latin America and the fourth largest smartphone market in the world, it is predicted that Brazil will see a 4.9% growth in its information and telecommunications industry in 2019, and 18% increase in its smartphone sales.

Huawei rolled out its two new flagship smartphones P30 Pro and P30 Lite in Brazil in the mid of May this year, a signal of the telecom giant’s second try of entering the country’s big smartphone market when it wound up in failure in 2014.

TIM Participacoes SA, a mobile telecommunication services provider in Brazil, announced that it will carry out a 5G network test with 5G equipment provided by Huawei.

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