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Baidu’s development vision stresses on user friendly tech and innovation
2019/01/17 07:54:22
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Jan 17, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Robin Li, the chairman of Baidu, released an internal letter, today, to elaborate the development vision of the company. According to the letter, the company aims to grow into a leading global high-tech conglomerate, which is aware of the users’ requirements and helps them in their development. It is the first time that the tech giant has released its development vision since its establishment.

According to the internal letter, since the first working day of 2019, the revenue of Baidu has exceeded RMB 100 billion. Li hopes that employees would regard this achievement as a point of motivation for them to continuing serving users and promoting innovation in the future. 

Li mentions the world "user" several times in the letter, indicating that he thinks highly of Baidu users. Li also give some guidelines on company’s smaller goals. “To have the best understanding of users, Baidu will provide the most intimate services for its customers and partners through offering innovative products”, mentioned the internal letter.

The company wants users can constantly enrich their knowledge and improve their skills through its services. It aims to create a business ecosystem and provide optimal opportunities to its employees.

Baidu will adhere to the ideal that technology can change the world for better, and continue to increase the investment in R&D.

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