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Chinese market is becoming BMW's global innovation hub: Harold Krueger
2019/01/17 07:11:37
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Jan 17, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Harold Krueger, chairman of BMW group, launched the new BMW 7 series in Shanghai yesterday, and announced that BMW will launch 21 new models in China in 2019. Notably, the company has recently been ranked the world's 1st luxury car seller by sales volume.

"The Chinese market has become a driving force for innovation in the automotive industry, and we are proud to be part of it", Mr. Kruger declared. In addition, Kruger also mentioned the cooperation between BMW and Chinese Internet companies such as Alibaba. He believes that this cooperation will facilitate his company's new "first strategy", the transformation from a carmaker into a high-tech enterprise and high-end travel service provider.

In BMW's exclusive luxury segment, Chairman BMW elaborated on the company's corporate strategy, "our goal is to become stronger in the large luxury cars, especially in China".

When asked about BMW’s plan for renewable energy, Mr. Kruger responded that "electrification is the request of the whole industrial chain, and BMW has a competitive advantage in such respect". He expressed his optimism about the growth of Chinese auto market and opined that Chinese market was becoming BMW’s global innovation hub.

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