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Dong Mingzhu re-elected as GREE chairperson
2019/01/17 04:19:07
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Jan 17, 2019 (China Knowledge) - GREE, yesterday, held its first temporary general meeting of stockholders of year 2019 in Zhuhai. Dong Mingzhu was elected as the chairperson of GREE by all nine votes and was appointed president of the company.

The board of directors’ members were already elected on 1 Jan. According to the on-site and online voting, Dong MIngzhu had become a non-independent director after winning election with an overwhelming majority of votes, which is also a key premise of her reappointment of chairperson.

Dong announced in the conference that GREE is expected to achieve RMB 200 bln revenue in 2018. The cumulative revenue has reached RMB 1.296 trln from 1991 to now and the cumulative net has exceeded RMB 40 bln.

The company has been a big dividend payer in recent years. However, the decision of paying no dividend in 2017 had been questioned. The semi-annual profit distribution plan has been approved by voting in this meeting. It is planning to pay RMB 6 per ten shares. The total dividend will be around RMB 3.609 bln.

Meanwhile, in the conference, Dong also talked about company’s future plans. GREE's layout covers air conditioner, household appliances, high-end equipment and communication equipment. Air conditioning will always be the main business in the next few years. The comp-any may cooperate with Yinglong to enter the field of vehicle air-conditioner.

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