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Hello Chuxing quietly creeps to top average daily order volume amid raging battle between Ofo and Mobike
2019/01/16 08:20:04
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Jan 16, 2019 (China Knowledge) - According the Hello Chuxing’s (previously known as Hellobike) founder, the company currently has the highest average daily order volume among bike-sharing companies in China.

The company attributes its recent success to pragmatic spending and avoiding a cash-war with rivals such as Mobike and Ofo. Hello Chuxing currently reports to have an average daily order of 20 million among 200 million registered users across 300 cities.

To-date, the company has completed 9.8 billion bike-sharing rides in the country.

Unlike rivals Mobike and Ofo, Hello Chuxing decided to start out in China’s tier-two and tier-three cities where there was a more significant lack of resources, thus avoiding a direct confrontation with its rivals.

In addition, the company also kept the future direction of the company and sector in mind when formulating its business plans and spent pragmatically, managing its cash flow during the early stage with detailed bookkeeping.

Furthermore, Hello Chuxing continually kept its focus on user experienced and introduced new technologies such as voice-activated locks and smart self-diagnosis functions to improve user experience while reducing its downtime on bicycles.

The company aims to continuously improve on its technologies to bring high standards of operations and competitive products to its users to maintain its advantages in the sector as it continues to face new challenges and competition.

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