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China to promote commercial use of 5G by issuing temporary licenses
2019/01/11 03:00:58
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Jan 11, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Miao Wei, China’s minister of Industry and Information Technology, has said, yesterday, that China will carry out 5G commercial promotion this year. Some regions will get 5G temporary licenses, and commercial products, such as 5G mobile phones and 5G iPad, for use in the second half of the year. He said that, in the future, about 20% of 5G facilities will be used for the communication between people, and 80% will be used for the Internet of Things (IoT), such as unmanned vehicles.

This year, China will issue 5G temporary licenses in several cities, enabling large-scale networking in some cities, and accelerating the industrialization of terminals and network construction.

For consumers application of 5G, China will continue to increase variety, improve quality, create brand in some key consumer goods, including new energy cars, driverless cars. Also, the country will accelerate the application of 5G technology in education, healthcare, and other fields this year.

Additionally, Miao said, China will promote high-quality development of the manufacturing sector. In 2019, the country will set an ‘indicator system’ to shift the focus of economic development to quality and efficiency; with an aim to balance the relationship between development speed and quality and efficiency.

In order to create good conditions for the development of enterprises, the government will continue reforms measures through regulation and assistance; improve the business environment and efficiency; vigorously push forward the reduction of taxes and fees, and further open up to the outside world.

In Miao’s opinion, there will be more tax cuts for manufacturing sector in the near future. “In addition to tax cuts”, the minister concluded, “we also encourage governments at all levels to reduce fees for social enterprises, reduce external transaction costs for enterprises, and promote market-oriented reform of factors”.

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