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China national advanced computing industry innovation center to unleash new era of scientific developments
2018/12/26 10:17:46
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Dec 26, 2018 (China Knowledge) - The construction of China national advanced computing industry innovation center started yesterday in Tianjin. It is reported that the innovation center will be an ‘intensive construction, diversified investment, shared services, market-oriented operation’ project. It focuses on advanced computing technology research, development application platform, as well as on transfer and transformation platform of scientific and technological achievements. Additionally, it will also serve as intellectual property operation platform, public service sharing platform, dual-venture space and investment as well as financing and talent service platform.

It is a public service platform for scientific and technological innovation, which integrates technology research and development, talents, capital, transformation of achievements, operation and service. After completion, it will focus on innovative research and development platforms at all levels of professional fields, break through the core technology in advanced computing field, solve China's information industry’s problem, and cultivate industrial clusters and regional economies with international competitiveness.

The innovation center is expected to be completed in 2021. It plans to gradually achieve multi-regional distribution in Beijing, Tianjin, and overseas. It will jointly build a tight-coupled eco-network of government, industry, university and research collaborative innovation with ‘small core, multi-platform, large network and wide coverage’.

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