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Alibaba employs Medical AI to predict influenza outbreak in Macau
2018/12/13 03:21:59
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Dec 13, 2018 (China Knowledge) - China’s tech giant Alibaba’s Medical AI is supporting Macau health bureau's disease trend forecast, which may change the traditional epidemic prevention model. The company is using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the outbreak of influenza in the region. Several Macau media groups have applauded Alibaba's latest progress in the field of AI.

Alibaba is supporting Macau to build an intelligent city. The medical AI is a part of the agreement between Alibaba and Macau authorities, signed in 2017; in which, the AI technology of Intelligent Medical project can predict the outbreak, intensity and spread risk of urban influenza and other diseases in the next two weeks through comprehensive analysis of disease trends and past influenza epidemics, thus helping citizens and health institutions to take preventive measures in advance.

The head of the Health Bureau of Macau hopes that Intelligent Medicine can provide better and convenient medical services for Macau residents. He said that the project has also completed medical standards to meet the cross-regional treatment needs of local medical institutions.

With the help of AI technology, human beings may win the first battel in their war on Influenza. IBM, Google, Alibaba and other technology companies have applied AI to specific disease detection. The McKinsey Institute for Global Studies released a report saying that the application of AI to the protection of public health is a reliable choice.

This is the new development of Alibaba’s AI technology in medical field. Previously, it set a new world record in the success rate of pulmonary nodule monitoring.

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