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Tencent to promote education through AI
2018/12/04 09:44:05
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Dec 04, 2018 (China Knowledge) - China's tech giant Tencent Holdings is using artificial intelligence (AI) to promote the education sector and renovate its outlook by employing AI for time consuming manual tasks in the field of teaching and administration. The company is making efforts to sign up schools to use its all-in-one WeChat app for this purpose. During the Fortune Global Tech Forum, held, last week, in Guangzhou, deputy general manager of WeChat payment operation center, Lei Maofeng, explained the innovation and trend of WeChat applied AI in education industry for the first time.

Lei said that WeChat will be fully apply AI in education. WeChat exports AI capabilities as a tool to partners which include universities, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens, and training institutions. The technical ability of AI technology, such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) and others, is helping in reducing burden of the institutions, schools, teachers and students.

Also, Lei gives several examples where AI was employed to help teachers and education management. For example, AI marking. In the past, on-site testing and manual marking were required in teaching and training, which consumed the efforts of teachers and made it difficult to develop and accurate evaluation system for students. Now, students can do tests on mini-programs, and AI technology will read and analyze, and directly generate students' reports through data, which is not only more efficient, but also more accurate.

Notably, online education industry has reached the scale of nearly RMB 200 billion by 2017, and it is expected to reach RMB 400 billion by 2019, while offline education is expected to grow from RMB 1.2 trillion to RMB 2.3 trillion over the same period.

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