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"One-Stop" service helps to facilitate enterprise development in Beijing E-Town
2018/11/29 03:52:11
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Nov 29, 2018 (China Knowledge) - A personalized tumor neoantigen vaccine developed by ThorgeneNeo has won second prize in the Third “China Innov” Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition. Chen Qian, general manager of the company, told reporters that it is the high-level talent service center of Beijing E-Town that first advised it to initiate the project. From his perspective, Beijing E-Town is one of the most fertile grounds for biopharmaceutical companies. Its fully furnished public facilities and complete incubation platforms enable startups to develop and thrive. Having a cluster of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and regularly scheduled exchange meetings there also makes it convenient for intra-industry cooperation as well as information and personnel exchanges to take place.

“Beijing E-Town is a place where dreams come true”, he continued, as long as you have the technology and ability to innovate, the place is a wonderland. With the availability of industrial upgrading, individual enterprises should work together to drive development. To help them improve their development quality, Beijing E-Town is committed to provide them with excellent service.

“The Biomedical Park provides a true one-stop service to relieve concerns faced by enterprises”, said Chen Qian. The park provides incubation laboratories and animal laboratories as well as various technical support services. In addition, the park even help companies in registration consulting, financing credit, talent recruitment, new drug approval, and marketing among others.

The high standard experimental R&D pilot-scale equipment not only allows small startups to grow at an accelerated pace, but also help them effectively use funds and improve fund utilization efficiency. According to him, individual enterprises can carry out hundreds of experiments every year at a high-speed due to the availability of large-capacity refrigerated centrifuges. Such centrifuges may cost enterprises more than RMB 800,000 each; but in the biomedical industrial park of Beijing E-Town, they can rent the equipment for only RMB 30 each time. Thus, the cost of the experiment is reduced to less than RMB 10,000 a year, greatly alleviating their burden.

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