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Beijing E-Town’s cleantech enterprise developed near-zero emission on flue gas
2018/11/27 06:09:23
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Nov 27, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Environment Sustainable System Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (ESSE), a clean technology enterprise based in Beijing E-Town, has developed a new FOSS-D equipped with near-zero emission technology for integrated fuel gas treatment. The new technology provides pollution treatment solutions and offers unprecedented benefits to enterprises.

Based on FOSS-W, FOSS-D adopts core technology such as FOSS ionizer, BMP polymer material, and strong absorption tower with patented technology. The new technology comes with improved efficiency of desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal, maintaining sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust in the flue gas at an ultra-low emission level. In addition the FOSS-D is able to fully utilize desulfurization slag by turning it into raw material for “crystal powder” gelation technology, and could produce new green building materials. Thus, the end product is light weight, stronger, durable, calcination-free and low cost.

Another remarkable achievement recorded is a 230 m2 sintering machine transformation project of Tangshan Delong Steel that achieves ultra-clean emission standard with no white smoke and avoided secondary pollution during the treatment process. This resulted reduction in construction investment and operating costs.

With such compelling advantages, though beating other competitors and winning the contracts; however, ESSE also faced unfavorable factors such as tight schedule, and the emission of blue smoke. Rising up to such challenges it had made adjustments and great improvements on its absorbers to ensure realizing near-zero emission of SO2, NOX and dust. The moist and liquid was eliminated from the flue gas and the smoke exhaust turned out colorless, both of which enabled Tangshan Delong 230 m2 sintering machine to be the first set of “smokeless sintering” in the north region of China.

Because it is now widely applied in the steel, electric power generation and coal chemical industry, FOSS-D has gained rising recognition in the market, serving more and more enterprises such as Xingtai Delong Steel, Daye Huaxin Industrial and Zenith Steel.

With these technological advancement and related economic and social benefits, FOSS has been selected for the 2015 Technology Demonstration Project on Capital Blue Sky Action, the 2017 Ministry of Science and Technology National Key Research and Development Program on Control Technology of Air Pollution, and the 2018 Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award.

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