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China starts production of “anti-freeze” batteries
2018/11/23 09:35:06
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Nov 23, 2018 (China Knowledge) - A nickel-hydrogen battery plant in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has started production for energy-storing units used in electric buses that operate in cold regions.

The plant which is operated by Haoming Rare Earth New Power Technology is currently located in the Rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Baotou. The company has invested USD 28.8 million into the development of the plant which will be producing batteries with a capacity of 200 million Ah upon its completion.

The plant is currently able to produce 2,000 such batteries annually and will have a production capacity of 10,000 batteries annually once it is fully operational. According to Haoming’s deputy general manager, foreign imported nickel-hydrogen batteries are mainly used in hybrid vehicles and Haoming is the only company that is producing nickel-hydrogen batteries for use in pure electric buses.

The nickel-hydrogen battery which can work in extreme weather and temperatures of up to minus 55-degree Celsius can be recharged in just 8 minutes.  They are good to solve battery problems faced by pure electric buses in high-latitude cold regions.

Typical lithium-ion batteries have an operating temperature range of between 10-degree to 55-degree Celsius are unsuitable for use in regions such as Mongolia which can experience temperatures of up to negative 20-degree Celsius during its cold winter months. Below the operating temperature, these lithium-ion batteries cease to work and pose a problem for the operation of electric only buses.


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