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JD launches intelligent breeding program with pig face recognition features
2018/11/21 06:35:27
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Nov 21, 2018 (China Knowledge) - JD has officially launched JD agriculture and animal husbandry intelligent breeding solution in the JD Discovery 2018 Conference, yesterday. Following NetEase and Alibaba's involvement in this traditional industry, has also announced to focus on pig farming.

The Fengning intelligent pig farm, jointly built by JD and China Agricultural University, is making use of technological capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and big data to realize delicacy management and scientific and autonomous intelligent decision-making for the pig farms, in an attempt to link agriculture and animal husbandry.

The outstanding feature of the intelligent breeding program, of JD agriculture and animal husbandry, is the application of pig face recognition technology, which means that the technology can identify different pigs from their faces. If a pig has feeding abnormality, the pig face recognition algorithm can be used to quickly correlate its growth information, immune information, real-time physical conditions. Meanwhile, through the analysis of the AI machine, if any abnormalities are found, in the animal, the famer can be informed to take appropriate measures.

According to incomplete statistics, about 700 million pigs are sold every year in China. If the whole Chinese breeding industry applies JD agriculture and animal husbandry intelligent breeding solution, the cost of the industry can be reduced by at least RMB 50 billion every year.

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