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Beijing E-Town scores highest in ecology preservation among China’s top industrial parks
2018/10/17 06:27:46
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Nov 14, 2018 (China Knowledge) - Known as the cradle for hi-tech enterprises in auto, aerospace, bio-medical, internet and sophisticated manufacturing industry Beijing E-Town, a triple-A rated industrial park, welcome visitors with blue sky with rare bird species and greenery.

In a well-organized area with impressive tall buildings and research centers visitors who stroll along the Tong hui River located near the administration buildings could come across egrets. These egrets find the surrounding habitat with blue sky; and, when the sunset the egrets forage in the river against the sun setting backdrop form unique poetic scenery.

In addition to the egrets, it also attracts other birds such as kestrels and swans. Ecologists say that the other species of birds require dedicated and conducive habitat to flourish and increase its numbers. This is a striking improvement of E-Town's ecological environment, and all of these are inseparable from the efforts and investments taken by Beijing E-Town.

In an interview with reporters, Diao Kunpeng, the officer-in-charge at one of its natural reserve area at the Beijing Shanshui Nature Conservation Center says that the egrets have high requirements for the aquatic ecosystem, and that numerous fish and shrimps means that the ecosystem and ecological service functions of the water body must be balance to live and breeding.

To date the continuously improved ecological environment of Beijing E-Town has attracted some 200-300 species of birds.

Ma Jun, director of Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), spoke in an interview that Beijing has been vigorously addressing environment concerns in the past two years. The workers there have also noticed that the Beijing’s water system management. Because the requirements for water treatment are very stringent, it has formed an important factor in enhancing the water quality; and, hence able to attract flocks of different species of birds in Beijing-E-Town.

With such unusual and impressive achievement in ecology it is well placed to lure more enterprises and talents to work and live in Beijing E-Town, and win top notch among China’s best industrial parks and development areas.


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